Grab Your Survival Kit for High School!

  • A "To Do" List by grade
  • 12 month calendar for important dates
  • Activity/Volunteer Tracker
  • College Visit Checklist
  • Scholarship Tracker
  • Career Worksheet
  • Other grade specific worksheets

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What are the 10 most useful items your student will need for college?|
College Prep

What Will Your College Freshman Really Need in the Dorm?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Best 10 Items Needed for a Dorm Room Hey, it’s approaching soon–moving your kiddo into their freshman dorm…  That bittersweet day when your baby-not-baby heads off to college.  How can this be?  Just yesterday he was crawling around in his diaper!  Just yesterday she was playing with her baby doll and twirling around the house in her little tutu! You blinked, and now they are practically grown!  Seriously, we have to think about moving them out of our houses and into a dorm room at college.  It’s not so bad if you are organized to

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Tips and tools for working remotely|
Life Prep

Tips and Tools for Working Remotely

Here are some tips and tools for working remotely whether it’s for a job or for school. Our lives look different these days! Work is from home either completely remotely or partly at home. School finished out remotely most places. Many communities are still quarantined, and a number of businesses are going remote for the time being, and possibly offering even more remote options in the future.  Workplaces and schools have many plans in place for the upcoming days. No one plan for work or school is set in stone. I hope that this helps you with any job or

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Time to Apply to Colleges-Quick How-Tos|
College Prep

Time to Apply for Colleges-Quick How-to’s

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How Do I Apply to College? “How do I apply to college?”, your teen asks. This post covers how to make this process easier for your teen, starting the summer before their senior year. There are many things to keep track of, so get organized! Check out this post which will help your and your teen stay organized throughout high school. If you haven’t been doing all of these things, it’s not too late to start! Schools are sending information to prospective students via email and snail mail.  It is such fun for your teen

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College Bound: The Ultimate List of Conversations to Help Your Teen Through High School |
Life Prep

COLLEGE BOUND: The Ultimate List of Conversations to Help Your Teen Through High School

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I wrote a book about having conversations with your teens. It has been a life long dream of mine to write a book.  When I was young, and I loved reading the Little House books, I thought that I would write a story about a pioneer family.  Well, it turns out that I have a lot to say about parenting teens.  So, I wrote about having conversations with your teens to help them figure out life. Have you got a teen or two in your house?  For awhile, we had three teenage boys.  Our oldest

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First apartment|
Life Prep

My Son, An Onion, and His First Apartment

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We recently moved our middle son into his first apartment. Last year, it was a dorm, now he’s moving into his first apartment. This means essentially, that our son will never be moving back home again.  Moving him into a dorm was hard work, and I was a little emotional because it was the end of an era. I knew that we would all miss him, especially his little brother. But, I also knew that he was embarking on a new adventure, and that he would have lots of fun in college. Therefore, I didn’t

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High School Survival Kit for Parents!|
High School

High School Survival Kit for Parents

You need a high school survival kit for parents! Do you have a high schooler?  Or a middle schooler and you are wondering what to expect the next few years?  I am here to help.  My high school survival kit for parents is a labor of love.  It’s all the things that I wished we would have had when our older kids went through high school.  Read on to find out more about what to expect, and I hope that this can help! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Pin for later! High school with your child is like riding a

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