Help your teen thrive

Get the clarity you need to successfully communicate with your teens on how they can thrive through high-school and college, all while keeping your sanity.

Help your teens thrive

Get the clarity you need to successfully communicate with your teens on how they can thrive through high-school and college. While keeping your sanity.

You don’t have to struggle

Many parents feel overwhelmed when they hit the high school years.

There are so many things to get done. Long lists of “to-dos” to get them prepared for college and/or life. It can seem scary and confusing.   

There is a fine line to walk as you explain to your teen in a way that they will understand, but also listen to their concerns and plans for themselves.

Let’s stop the slamming doors, screaming and crying.

These are the last few years that you will have together, and they shouldn’t be filled with stressful days.

Discover strategies to navigate these years with less drama and the best ways to prep your teen for college and real life!

Prepping Your Teen For Life Is Easier Than You Think

As you navigate the teenage years with your child, you move from the role of a supervisor to more of a mentor parent. You are prepping your child to be a successful adult themselves, so use conversations to ease the way forward.

Do not let your teen disconnect during these years! Use the tools I’ve created below to make your job easier during this time. In addition to these tools, I share information on my blog each month to help you on your journey with your teen. It takes a village, and I am thrilled to be here with you!

Turning 18 Checklist

What happens when your child turns 18? You need this checklist to be prepared for FERPA and HIPAA and all the other law changes when your child becomes an “adult.”

Learn exactly what you need to talk about with your middle and high schoolers who are planning to go to college and why.

Reset Your Relationship

Reset and reconnect with your
teen using these simple and
easy-to-implement strategies.

I’ve been there

I am here to share my love for teenagers with you. I am also here to share my hard fought knowledge gained from life with teenagers.

There has been at least one teen in my house since 2010, and we will have one here until 2024!

My husband and I have learned lots of lessons through these years, and there is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming!

Our youngest is in 10th grade and the oldest is 22! The trail from middle school to getting into college, and onto graduation is a long, but precious journey.

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Get the answers you need

Being a mom of teens can feel really challenging. Some days you feel like you have
it all together, others not so much. I’ve created these tools to help you get
through the tougher days stronger and feeling more in control.

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Helping your teen be ready for life in every way possible.

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Everything you need to get your kids ready for College.

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