Hi! I’m Melanie:

blogger, wife, and mom of three boys


I am here to share my love for teenagers with you.

I am also here to share my hard fought knowledge gained from life with teenagers.

There has been at least one teen in my house since 2010, and we will have one here until 2024!

My husband and I have learned lots of lessons through these years, and there is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming!

Our youngest is in 11th grade and the oldest is 24! The trail from middle school, to getting into college, and onto graduation is a long, but precious journey.

The teenage years have been, and still are, a slippery slope. Parenting seems to never end. I’ve witnessed some pretty funny moments with my kids and had some downright tough love moments too, that have brought me to tears.

I bring my experience from 10 years in the elementary classroom, 10 years in the preschool classroom, and 2 years in middle school to everything that I do. All of this time with kids has helped me to know how and oftentimes, what teens are thinking. Each age has its own challenges, but the teen years take the cake. 

I encourage you to stay in conversation with your teen. They may not want you, but they don’t know that you are exactly what they need. Stay connected with your teen because as you all navigate these years, you will both be glad as you come out on the other side as your teen grows up and matures into their young adult years.

Parenting High Schoolers focuses on parenting through the teen years into adulthood. I share articles that are helpful to you. I also write about taking care of yourself as a mom and ideas to be a better friend, mother, and partner.

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Life is busy. Schedules can be overwhelming. We have had a teen in our house since 2010, and there will be one here until 2024! We have gone through the ups and downs of dating, driving, raging hormones, you name it! I would love to travel with you on this parenting journey.

Do you feel alone as you try to parent through difficult issues? Are you struggling to figure out all the ins and outs of college prep? Of life prep? Of helping your teen to make big decisions? What about finding scholarships? Or learning how to drive or the ins and outs of dating relationships?

I will give your encouragement to take care of yourself in the midst of this messy place that we call life. I’d like to help you with some strategies to make things a little bit easier. I am not an expert,  but I have made it through two teens, and have tried a lot of strategies, and have learned so much as I have researched different blog posts.


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As you navigate the teenage years with your child, you move from the role of a supervisor to more of a mentor parent. You are prepping your child to be a successful adult themselves, so use conversations to ease the way forward.

Do not let your teen disconnect during these years! Use the tools I’ve created below to make your job easier during this time. In addition to these tools, I share information on my blog each month to help you on your journey with your teen. It takes a village, and I am thrilled to be here with you!

High school survival kit

Get the High School Parent Survival Kit!

Grab the High School Parent Survival Kit with checklists, to-dos, and calendars for all four years of high school. Stay organized with the necessary information required when applying for colleges, scholarships and future employment.

Learn exactly what you need to talk about with your middle and high schoolers who are planning to go to college and why.