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Melanie Prather Studer|www.parentinghighschoolers.com


Welcome to my online home! I am here to share my love for teenagers with you. I am also here to share my hard fought knowledge gained from life with teenagers.

There has been at least one teen in my house since 2010, and we will have one here until 2024!

My husband and I have learned lots of lessons through these years, and there is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming!

Our youngest is in 10th grade and the oldest is 22!  The trail from middle school, to getting into college, and onto graduation is a long, but precious journey.  

The teenage years have been, and still are, a slippery slope. Parenting seems to never end.  I’ve witnessed some pretty funny moments with my kids and had some downright tough love moments too, that have brought me to tears. Through all of it, I have been held up and kept my sanity with my girlfriends!  

When this blog began, it was with my girlfriend who had just moved away, and we called it Yayas2cents. We were two friends trying to make sense of all the teenage experiences together. It was a blast, but being two states and one time zone apart finally got to us, and it is now my own blog!

We started this with the spirit of “sisterhood” in mind. We wanted to create a safe place to talk about what we go through as moms, wives, sisters, and friends while raising our families.

Parenting High Schoolers focuses on parenting through the teen years into adulthood.  I’ll be sharing articles that will  be helpful to you. I will also write about taking care of yourself as a mom and ideas for being a better friend, mother and partner.

In addition, PHS has a resource page that will highlight some of my favorite books, websites, other parenting blogs, recipes, and printables!  Please follow me on Facebook and Pinterest


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