About Me



Dear Friend,

My name is Melanie, better known to my friends as Mel.  My friend Ann and I started this blog as yayas2cents.com.  We then changed it to www.parentinghighschoolers.com so that we could focus on those years in particular.  Now, it is down to just me as your friend in the blogging world.  I’m so excited that you are here!

I’ve seen it all! From diaper rashes to getting into college.  It has been a journey and the teenage years have been, and still are a slippery slope.

Parenting seems to never end.  I’ve witnessed some pretty funny moments with my kids and had some downright tough love moments too, that have brought me to tears.

Through all of it, I have counted on my husband and my good friends to keep my sanity!  Oh, and the wine helped too!

In the spirit of “sisterhood,” I wanted to create a safe place to talk about what we go through as moms, wives, sisters, and friends while raising our families. We need to take care of each other.  Never take your friends for granted because one day they will come to you and say that they are moving to Florida! (Thanks, Ann)

Stay in touch, don’t let silly misunderstandings get in between a great friendship.  In fact, pick up the phone and call someone who you have been missing for a while–you won’t regret it:)

This blog focuses on the teen years through college into adulthood.  I write about topics that I hope are helpful for you.  Some topics will include high school, college and life prep, as well as other topics pertaining to these crazy teen years.

In addition, I have a resource page that will highlight some of my favorite books, websites, and other parenting blogs!  Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest, and Instagram.

I am not one to hold back my opinions!  Grab your favorite drink and join me for the ride!