Is there a secret to communicating with your teen?

You bet there is!!


Learning How to Have a Conversation with a Teenager is not hard if you know the SECRETS.

Do you want the strategies for good parent and teenager communication activities?

Do you want the tools for connecting with your teen with parent teenager relationship building activities?

Do you want to know how to encourage teenagers to communicate?

The Secret to…

Even IF You are Struggling to talk to your teen

How about some easy-to implement strategies for talking to your teen?

❤️  Strategies to reset your relationship even if it is contentious.

❤️  Conversation starters for teens that are fun and that will break the ice.

❤️  How to cope with a stubborn teen.

❤️  Best ways to connect with your teen.

❤️  Understanding your importance in your teen’s life.

❤️  Tools to reset your relationship for good!

Even if You’re:

☹️  Burnt out because your parent-teenager communication is in the dumpster.

☹️  Overwhelmed by all the decisions you’re having to make and fearing knowing you will get pushback from your teen.

☹️  Exhausted from trying to stay consistent.

☹️  Finding yourself sucked into another argument with your teen.

☹️  Sick and tired of the negative attitude.

☹️  Wishing you could go back in time to your sweet younger kid.

parent and teenager communication activities

Reset Your Relationship!


Reset Your Relationship is a 5-module course with an easy-to-follow, step-by step system to improve communication with your teen.

parent and teenager communication activities

In this program, I walk you through what you need to get started on your relationship reset, so that you can begin to enjoy the time you have left with your teen.

I will give you tools to start these parent and teenager communication activities, which topics to use (and which to avoid), and how to set up a process that will help you on your journey towards better understanding and open communication with your teen. 

You will know exactly HOW to talk to your teenager!

Here’s exactly what you will get!
Inside RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP you will find…
Module one


In this module, I will give you solid reasons for using conversations to reconnect with your teen. There are so many good reasons why these work.

Module 2


In this module, I help you set realistic goals. This stage will take some time and patience on your part. You CAN do this, and I will give you some strategies and encouragement to not only begin this process, but have success!

Module 3


Here is where I give you ways to find success in this reconnection process. There are many tips and parent and teenager communication activities which will help you while you pursue a renewed bond with your teen.

Module one


In this module, I will help you through the struggle of that teen who is stubbornly refusing to talk. These strategies are focused on breaking through that silence to make baby steps towards a reconnection.

Module one


In this final module, I give you 10 parent and teenager communication activities to keep up the work you have done. I am so proud of you for caring this much for your teen. They are not easy creatures, but they need us SO MUCH!

PLUS: All of these Parent Teenager Communication Activity BONUSES!!!

Bonus #1 ($7) Talk Time Tips

Use this communication activities pdf  with a  list of 27 conversation tips to use when you want to make sure that you make the most of your time.

Bonus #3 ($37) List of Top Resources to Parent Teens

My all-time favorite list of top resources to help as you parent your teen: podcasts, books, websites, and other valuable resources all in one spot!

Topics to Talk AboutBonus #2 ($7) Topics for Talking

I will give you a list of topics that are the “must-have” topics for older teens. I will also give some fun topic ideas, as well as other topics to discuss if you have time. This is a must-have parent and teenager communication activity!

Bonus #4 ($7) How Can We Make A Difference in Our Teen’s Lives?

A 4-page PDF that spells out the HOWS and WHYS for using conversations as a parent and teenager communication activity.

From Reset Your Relationship Participants:

Melanie is an excellent parenting resource! Her ideas really promote connection with teenagers.

Melanie has helped me slow down, look at what my daughter needs differently now that she’s a teen, and gives me simple ideas to reconnect with her.

Our communication has dramatically increased at an age when it’s “supposed” to decrease. I highly recommend working with Melanie to get better connected with your teen!”

Jen S.

“…this inspired us to sit down with our 15 yo daughter last weekend and talk about college expenses, her thoughts and our thoughts on what’s reasonable to aim for for saving for college expenses and for a car.

To my surprise she jumped into the conversation almost like she’d been waiting for a chance to think out loud with us and make some concrete goals. Since then she’s opened a new savings account, checked on her job application at a local grocery store, and brainstormed with us about career interests and other ways to make money. I just want to say thank you…”

Lisa W.

But what if you are overwhelmed, overwrought, and OVER IT?
And thinking there is no way for things can get better in your relationship with your teen?


You can go from total frustration to reconnecting with your teen with these parent and teenager communication activities.

Even if you…

Struggle to be consistent with your teen.

Often give in to your teen to avoid an argument.

Feel like you are yellow all the time.

Worry about your teen constantly pushing against you.

Feel constantly exhausted from the mental gymnastics of parenting a teen.

Wish you could just Reset Your Relationship with Your Teen…

Get these Best Parent and Teenager Communication Activities when you sign up!

A plan for more confidence in your teen parenting skills.

Strategies to help you get started in this process.

A list of reasonable goals and expectations.

A list of conversations to help you connect with your teen.

A list of important conversations and parent and teenager communication activities that you don’t want to forget.

Best Parent and Teenager Communication Activities

Smarter Parenting > Less Arguing > More Communicating!!

Will this course help you parent your teen?

If you have read this far, you obviously care for your teen. You want your relationship to improve.
You are ready to try new strategies. You want to reconnect with your teen.

I want you to succeed! I developed this program for you! Let’s work together!

Here’s what people are saying about working with me, taking my course, or reading my book:

broken down the tough topics that need to be covered before your kids get to college into manageable chunks – she has created a series of conversations for parents to have with their kids. As a middle school parent, I so appreciate the advice of someone who has “been there. …a valuable resource, and I recommend it for all parents of teenagers and middle schoolers.

Karen P.

… gave me great tips on what to talk to my kids about to help them figure out what their interests are and what they might want in a college. I was surprised to learn some of the things my son wants out of his college experience.

I take advantage of the time in the car to have brief, non overwhelming conversations about topics suggested in the book. …has given me great tips and direction in how to help my kids with their college selections for applications.

Susan G.

I have started the intentional conversations with my son. He was with me over the weekend and we planned a summer fun calendar and also talked about some strategies for dealing with anger. It went really well and definitely feels like a win. Grateful! 

...have found them (the course modules) very encouraging and helpful. It’s such a great reset for my mindset and has really motivated me to not give up on the connection with my son!

Savannah C.

Parents of any adolescent should have *College Bound* at the top of their required reading list. What a succinctly incredible collection of basic information to assist parents in leading their children through the headwaters of these difficult years. This author’s advice & guidance could seriously provide the tipping point for a child’s journey to successful adulthood, whether college bound or otherwise. Love the glossary of terms that kickoff the first chapter.

Both of my children graduated from college years ago & some of these terms were new to me. If I’d had access to a book like this back in my day the conversations would have been so much different & many had at a much earlier age. This is an extremely practical plus necessary body of work. Melanie Prather Studer will be applauded for generations by providing this one of a kind blueprint. I now have two young grandchildren. You can trust that my copy is earmarked and will be passed on to my son for use with his boys.

Deb C.

Hi, I’m Mel! And, I get you!

When we first had a teenager, we felt lost… overwhelmed…

There was so much that we didn’t know!

Everything was different in middle school. New era, new worries! Students switched classes and teachers each hour, the onset of acne, dating, our kids’ shifting friendships to name just a few.

We were stressed out, and it was awful!

My husband and I were not sure where to look for answers. So, I began doing some research. I read books and blog posts about how to parent teens. I started taking notes and from there, my book and blog were born.

I decided to share what I’d learned because let’s face it, not everyone is a nerd like me who likes to research, plus I can save parents so much time since I’m doing the research for you!

My program RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP is the exact plan that my husband and I created as our kids went through their teenage years. We focused on what was working and focused on that. We tried a few different strategies, but conversations were what we kept coming back to again and again.

I don’t want you to give up on your teen! You can do this! Once you begin to implement this plan, you will start to notice a difference in how you feel as a parent – and how your relationship with your teen will begin to improve.

Even better, with your shifting attitude towards one another, each meeting will get easier. You will be able to create a connection that is stronger and more purposeful as you move forward towards a better understanding.

Mel Studer
Mel with her sons

I want to help you RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP so that you can reduce and even remove barriers between you and your teen. You can begin to strengthen the bond between you, too!

P.S. It is possible to connect with your teen!

In the past 3 years, I have helped parents with my parent and teenager communication activities: 

  • Get the inspiration to initiate conversations with their teens about many topics.
  • Help their teens make important life decisions.
  • Set up successful stepping stones for teens to follow out into the real world -with or without college.
  • Generate a list of topics important to both the parents and the teen that can be discussed over time.
  • Get clear on a plan for college, applying for scholarships and other college prep issues.
  • Help their teens make an alternate plan if college is not in the cards.
  • Encourage their teens to be 100% involved with planning their own future.


I promise that you can do it too!

Imagine this…

😀 Every day, you will use these parent and teenager communication actvities to improve the relationship with your   teen.

😀 You will gain more confidence each time you meet with your teen. 

😀 You know your game plan and the steps you are going to take as you tackle tough subjects with your teen.

😀 You are 100% sure that each baby step will improve your relationship with your teen.

You absolutely CAN DO THIS!

All you need is a plan…

A simple, easy-to-follow plan that will show you exactly how to:


  • get started with easy-to-follow parent and teenager communication activities for making connections.
  • plan monthly goals so that you are covering those topics most important to you!
  • reconnect with your teen and get them to open up and talk with you like never before.

Plus, these exclusive bonuses!

Bonus #1 ($7) Talk Time Tips

Start these conversations with this list of 27 conversation tips to use when you want to make sure that you make the most of your time.

Bonus #2 ($7) Topics for Talking

I will give you a list of topics that are the “must-have” topics for older teens. I will also give some fun topic ideas, as well as other topics to discuss if you have time.

Bonus #3 ($37) List of Top Resources to Parent Teens

My never-before released list of top resources to help as you parent your teen: podcasts, books, websites, and other valuable resources all in one spot!

Bonus #4 ($7) How Can We Make A Difference in Our Teen’s Lives?

A 4-page PDF that spells how many hows and whys for conversations working as a parenting tool.

Before you know it, you will be saying things like:

👍 I cannot believe how much closer I am to my teen!

👍 I am so happy that I have a plan to follow!

👍 I love that there are easy steps to follow and getting started was so simple!

👍 I cannot believe that my teen has so much to say!

For a Limited Time Reset Your Relationship is now 50% Off!!


Why is this $97?

Honestly, I feel like this is not enough! I priced this at less than the cost of a session of private therapy. The lessons that I have learned from parenting 3 teens, and the 20+ years that I have spent in the classroom have given me great insight to what teens need from the adults in their lives. I want you to feel like it is a good investment for both the time I spent creating this course and the time I hope you spend making it work for you!

What am I getting exactly?

You will receive immediate access to the 5 modules of the course once you purchase. You will recieve an email with the link to the course. You will then have lifetime access to them. 

Will this work for anyone?

This course should work for anyone. I love how conversations are adaptable to any situation. Whatever your style of parenting is, you should be able to implement the tips and tools that you get from me to improve and RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP with your teen.

What if I have a really stubborn teen?

Even stubborn teens need their parents. I include tips for starting this process even when you aren’t getting along at the moment. There are strategies that I share that can be used to reconnect and get good results.

Can I contact you before I buy?

Absolutely! Email me at Please put “RYR Question” in the subject line, so that I will know. I do work part-time, but I will answer you as quickly as I can!

Can I work with you one-on-one?

I would love to work with you! Contact me to set up a free 15 minute consult to make a plan. That may be all you need to get started on the road to connection with your teen. Email me: and put RYR consult on the subject line, so that I will know what you’re emailing me about!

This is for you! Let’s get started!

Fellow parent – I’ve got your back! You can break through to your teen and RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP! I am here to help you build a better and stronger bond with the teen in your life. What are you waiting for? All you have to do is take that first step with THE RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP! I look forward to seeing you on the inside!