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Sites to Save Money

We have both used Ebates when shopping online. This is the best extension because you get money when you spend money! If you haven’t joined Ebates, we recommend it.  Also, check out the Honey App extension for your browser.  

It scans for coupons for you. These 2 sites have saved us time and money!  

Read below for more info.  

Other sites are listed below we love too, check them out! And don’t forget to look for their apps for your phone!  (Please be aware many of these links are affiliate links – meaning they do not cost you anything extra, but we do receive commission if you use them.)

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Most everyone has heard of Ebates, but have you tried it yet?  

I’m not a huge shopper but when  shopping online,  I’ll always go through Ebates. It’s so easy to sign up.

You can add the extension to your browser, so it will automatically ask if you want to go use Ebates.

Click “Yes” and you’ll be taken to the store you are browsing.  Once you’ve completed your shopping, Ebates will let you know how much cash back you’ve earned.  You can keep in your Ebates account to use towards a next purchase or they’ll send a check.  It’s that easy!  Check it out!

Try the Honey App!  

It’s also an extension you can put on  your browser that you use at checkout.

Click on the “H” and it will search coupons for you! If it finds any, it will add it to your checkout and you’re done!  So easy!

You can find it here.

Ibotta is another great app to have on your phone to earn cash back for shopping at participating stores.  

Once you sign up, you choose your rebates at your store, once you’ve purchased it, you scan your receipt and your rebate money shows up in your account.  

The money can be transferred to your bank, PayPal account or via Venmo.  Try it!


WalMart Savings Catcher

I have the Walmart app on my phone and really this is a no-brainer. Everyone has to shop at Walmart sooner or later. I avoid Walmart but sometimes I just have to go, especially when I want to do 1-stop shopping.  So, when I get home, I take out my receipt, go to the app on my phone. At the bottom menu, choose services. It will open another page of options- choose Savings catcher. Once this opens- it gives you the option to “Add walmart receipt”. You take a picture of your receipt and Walmart will look for cheaper prices of what you purchased at other retailers.  If there are some found, they load the difference in your Walmart account in the app.  You can use the monies to pay the next time you shop at Walmart.  Very easy to use! 

College Planning Websites

We’ve done a lot of research on finding reliable information about accessing college scholarships.  Below are a few that we’ve found user friendly and all have some great information and resources.

Road to College is a great website full of information. It is an admission consulting service. So for those of you who want to pay for their services, they have programs for 9-12, transfer and grad school programs, student-athletes, essay services etc. Mel and I follow them on FaceBook- Paying For College 101. This group is very helpful. It’s a forum for families to ask questions on how they can pay for college. They just recently had a live webinar on how to fill out the FAFSA and were taking questions.  You can find them at www.roadtocollege.com or on FaceBook.

This site was started by Monica Mathews, who helped her son find over $100,000 in scholarship money.  She shares her tips and strategies. She has a free email series on the 10 Best Scholarship Tips. I’ve joined her email series and it’s helpful and encouraging. It’s a step by step plan on the do’s and dont’s. She also an ebook for parents and students  “How to Win Scholarships: A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps”.  Her system keeps you organized, helps with finding scholarships, how to get great letters of recommendation, write an persuasive essay, and maybe most importantly, putting together an application package that IS different from all the rest- and get noticed. This is definitely a site worth visiting. It’s from one mom to another helping get money for your student and helping our pocketbooks! Also read her blog here.



Scholly is a scholarship matching platform. You can download their app on your phone.  Scholly was founded by Christopher Gray. He had won over 1.3 million in scholarship money the hard way and decided to help others by created the app and website Scholly. 

He appeared on SharkTank and won! Christopher has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, BET, Smithsonian Magazine,Cosmopolitan Magazine, Oprah Magazine and more for his work with Scholly and social entrepreneurship. He was also awarded the 2016 Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for Youth Achievement. 

Scholly also has a great blog that showcases articles by winners of scholarships, surviving college, and Christopher Gray’s top tips!  Download this app now! You can find the blog here.