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I am a top blog for parenting teens!  And, how you can help all bloggers…

Wow! Thanks to all of you who have been with me from the start! I have been working so hard to get my little blog off the ground since December 2016!  I have been chosen by Feedspot as a top 30 blog for parenting teens, there are some amazing blogs on this list, and I feel so honored!  There are some amazing blogs on this list!  I want to let you know how this all happened and how you can help me move forward as a top blog for parenting teens🙂  *This post may contain affiliate links.  This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.

How did I get started?

My journey began as a conversation a few years ago when my friend, Ann, came back to Missouri for a visit. We both mentioned plans we had, and blogging was a possibility mentioned by both of us. We started a series of conversations, and here we are now! (Since this post, I, Mel, am now on my own.)

Neither of us had ANY idea what we were doing, and today, I still don’t know it all, but boy do I know a lot more! I have taken courses, listened to experts, listened to many webinars, and mostly just worked through a lot of hours trying out new things.

For a 50+ woman, I feel very proud of myself. I have learned WordPress, Canva, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other things. I am by NO MEANS an expert on any of these things, but if you knew how far I have come, you would be proud of me too!

One subject that Ann and I kept circling around to was the fact that when we first had teenagers, we had no idea what to do with or about them.  There are so many facets to parenting teens:  social media, discipline, college and/or life prep, first jobs, dating, the list goes on and on.  That is why we picked parenting teens.  We wanted to be able to help other parents who were searching for answers.

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How does the work get done?

I write, post on Facebook, make pins for Pinterest, and write weekly emails a little at a time each day depending on my family’s schedule! My family is very patient with me, and I have found that some things can be done while we are all just hanging around together anyway!

How can you support a blogger?

I get this question a lot. Here are some answers, they apply to any blog that you follow.

Read my blog posts. I get ranked by Google by the amount of time that you stay on my blog. Also, click on some of the links. This may help another blogger.  Here are a couple of favorites…6 Books to Read if You Are the Parent of a Teenager and  High School Survival Kits for Parents

If you click on an Amazon link and make a purchase within 24 hours, then I get a small commission from them. I will never know who it was that made the purchase, but I will know how much is spent because of the amount that I might earn.

I also have a few other affiliate links. It is the same story. You might have a longer time to make a purchase, but again, I will not know who you are, just that a purchase was made within the window of time set by that company.

Share my information! If it’s a post on Facebook or a blog post or a newsletter from me or anything, share away. I really appreciate it! Like me on any and all platforms and leave comments. Any engagement helps my statistics.

*Listen to my podcast.  We have just started on this journey, but already we have shared lots of really useful information for your journey as the parent of a teenager.  Again, share the link with a friend so that more people will listen.  We are Parenting High Schoolers on almost every platform that is available for podcasts.  

(*for the time-being, I have paused the podcast)

Thank you!

Thank you for reading, listening, supporting, giving me ideas to write about, and for just being there!  I love getting emails from you guys with ideas and encouragement.  Here’s my email: 

Ask me questions, send me links or ideas.  You are what makes me better and better!

Check me out on Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin, and Facebook.

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