5 Easy Ways to Improve Communicating With Teenagers

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Communicating With Your Teen: Do Your Research When it comes to loving on your teen, you wouldn’t think that talking would be a good way to do this, but it really can be great! Communicating with teenagers is key to your relationship with them. But, in order for it to be a loving act, there are a few things to think about. As a mom, I know that I have so many things spinning in my head that I want to talk to my boys about. I can overwhelm them if I’m not careful. Here …

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Middle School: Advice for Success

Middle School Success: Best Advice|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Start Early for Middle School Success! Middle school is a time of transition and growing.  Your child leaves elementary school, and has three years to be ready for high school!  How is this possible?  Here are some hard-won lessons learned from getting three kids through these years for middle school success. Both you and your teen have lots to learn.  It is a challenging time, in fact, this might be the most challenging age since they were toddlers!  These years can be difficult, but you can help your child start some forward thinking with some …

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3 Ways Teenagers are the Same as Toddlers and Why!

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Toddlers Vs. Teenagers…Are they so different? How are teens the same as toddlers?  I love to read about all kinds of topics including parents in earlier stages of this game called life. I just read a blog post yesterday written by a mama of 2 preschool girls. It got me to thinking about the ways that teenagers are the same as toddlers and how you can adapt your parenting accordingly. She has a darling family, and she is a great writer by the way, Jordan Hall and her blog is called A Sprinkle of Jo.  …

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