Middle School: Advice for Success

Middle School Success: Best Advice|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Start Early for Middle School Success! Middle school is a time of transition and growing.  Your child leaves elementary school, and has three years to be ready for high school!  How is this possible?  Here are some hard-won lessons learned from getting three kids through these years for middle school success. Both you and your teen have lots to learn.  It is a challenging time, in fact, this might be the most challenging age since they were toddlers!  These years can be difficult, but you can help your child start some forward thinking with some …

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Teen Troubles? 5 Simple Steps That Will Help!

Trouble with Teen Discipline? 5 Simple Steps That Will Help!|parentinghighschoolers.com

Follow my blog with Bloglovin TEEN DISCIPLINE IS A CHALLENGE! Do you find yourself yelling at your kids all the time?  Are they ignoring you?  Do they spend all of their time on games and other devices?  Have they stopped showing you any respect?  We have gone through all of this and more with our boys.  Here is some hard-won advice that might hopefully help as you move through these years with teen discipline. True Story *I talked with one of my boys last night as I was finishing this post.  We talked about a time a few years back …

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7 Things to Know If You Love a Teenager

7 Things to Know if You Love a Teenager|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  Things to know if you love a teen If you’re here, then you must have a teenager in your life. Loving a teen is wonderful, challenging, frustrating, and often super exhausting. There are a few things that you need to know if you love a teenager.  Hang in there!  Know that you can do this!   Pin for later! Your teen won’t always like you back. Hello, welcome to hell!  Not always, but many days it feels like this to many of us.  Anger is an easy emotion for teens to (not) manage, and they will …

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