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5 Steps to Avoid Losing Your Cool With Your Teen On Break!

5 Steps to Avoid Losing Your Cool With Your Teen On Break!

Are you looking forward to this summer with your teenager? With college kids home for summer, you will need rules for college kids at home! This will help those college summers go so much more smoothly. When you set house rules for teens home for summer, they will need to be different than before they left for college. You have changed, and they have changed as well. The boundaries for teens need to be re-established now that they are home from college. Have fun and good luck!

7+ Best Gifts For A New Driver

7+ Best Gifts For A New Driver

Looking for the best gifts for new teenage drivers? There are so many practical car accessories and must have tools for car. Make sure that there is a toolkit for new drivers. An emergency car kit is a great thing to have as well. Discuss the rules for a new driver, so that you are all on the same page. When it comes to the best gifts for a new driver, this post covers it all.

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Learn exactly what you need to talk about with your middle and high schoolers who are planning to go to college and why.

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The College Preparation Planner

This 142 page planner has everything you need to organize the college search, preparation, and application process.

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How to Win Scholarships

This guide shows exactly what parents can do to help their students prepare their scholarship applications in a way that will set them apart and get them noticed by the judges