Grab Your Survival Kit for High School!

  • A "To Do" List by grade
  • 12 month calendar for important dates
  • Activity/Volunteer Tracker
  • College Visit Checklist
  • Scholarship Tracker
  • Career Worksheet
  • Other grade specific worksheets

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Backpack Essentials: What You Must Have|
College Prep

Backpack Essentials for College: What You Must Have

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Backpack essentials for high school or college Packing an organized backpack for high school or college is essential to academic survival. It is much smarter to plan ahead for classes, emergencies, and daily occurrences than to just throw a bunch of stuff in your pack and go. Pin for later! One thing that all the students we asked had in common was that they didn’t think about any of this before they high school or college depending on the age of student we asked.  Now that they have been in school, these are the things

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6 Books for Parenting Teens|
Just for Moms

6 Books You Should Read if You’re the Parent of a Teenager

Follow my blog with Bloglovin 6 (Now 7!) Books For Parenting Teens, In No Particular Order I tried to think about where I have looked over the years to help us when we were frustrated or upset, or just needing a few pointers.  When it comes to parenting, here are 7 of my favorite go-to books for parenting teens. There is so much information in my head about raising kids, teenagers in particular. I am a such a reader, that it is really hard to pin down my favorites, because I rarely meet a book that I don’t like.  We

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Gift Guide for Your Teens Easter Basket|
Just for Moms

Gift Guide for Teen Easter Baskets

Easter is right around the corner! Get ahead of the game with these great ideas for your teen’s Easter basket… Just because our teens don’t believe in the Easter Bunny anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t spoil them with a few little gifts!  *This post may contain affiliate links.  This means , at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.     Most of the posts that I tried to find to link to this article had really silly ideas for teens at Easter, so here are some that

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: "What are the Best Graduation Gifts?"|
High School

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: “What is the Best Graduation Gift Guide List?”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Best Graduation Gift Guide Are you wondering what to give to the graduate in your life?  There are so many ideas out there.  I asked my older son who graduated from high school last year which of his graduation gifts he appreciated the most and/or has used the most.  Here is the best graduation gift guide that we could come up with! Pin for later! We also asked 12 other recent graduates, both guys and girls.  Here is what we found out with direct quotes about their favorites…  *This post may contain affiliate links. 

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Parenting High Schoolers is a Top 30 Blog for Parenting Teens|
High School

Parenting High Schoolers is a Top 30 Blog for Parenting Teens!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We are a top blog for parenting teens!  And, how you can help all bloggers… Wow! Thanks to all of you who have been with us from the start! We have been working so hard to get our little blog off the ground since December 2016!  We have been chosen by Feedspot as a top 30 blog for parenting teens, there are some amazing blogs on this list , and we feel so honored!  There are some amazing blogs on this list!  We want to let you know how this all happened and how you

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Our First Podcast! Parenting HIgh Schoolers|
High School

Our First Podcast! Parenting High Schoolers

I just listened to our first podcast on Spotify– Parenting High Schoolers. Okay, we need an intro and we had a couple of rough spots (minute 19 when Ann went silent), but we did it!  Overall, I’d say we are off to a good start. Our first episode is talking about basic financial terms.  (We now have more than one episode.) Read on and we’ll tell you all about it! Follow our blog with Bloglovin   We first mention our High School Survival Kit. We created this toolkit for you.  Mel and I both wish we had something like this when

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