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Talk with your teen about a budget for college|
College Prep

How to Plan a Budget with Your College-Bound Teen

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Do you need to plan a budget for college? We have two sons in college, and the second time around was much easier because we knew what to expect!  The biggest concern for us, and many others are all of the expenses.  Here are some things that we learned the first (and second) time around, as we planned a budget for college. Make sure that you and your senior are on the same page about all expenses. There are the expenses that you know about.  There will always also be some things that come up

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Just for Moms

Smart Parents in the Know: April Wins

Ideas for Parents in April What I’m learning and loving in the month of April! “Smart Parents” is a series that I’m continuing.  I will talk about a few things that I am learning and loving in my life right now. This may include recipes, books, movies and gadgets, etc. Here are some ideas for parents in April. Please know that I am thinking of you in these hard days, and will try to find fun and useful things to share with you each month! (Here is the post for March) Let me know what you are learning and loving

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Parents: Are you asking yourself, "How will we be paying for college?" |
High School

Parents: Are You asking Yourself “How Will We Pay for College Next Fall?”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Can You Afford to Pay for College? Have you saved enough to pay for college? If yes, I applaud you.  If not, maybe you’re just like me, hoping to find scholarships to help offset the cost and future debt for your kiddo. Paying for college is no small feat.  Read on to find out where you can find money! I hear many of stories of how people pay for 100% of college with grants and scholarships. I am in the midst of trying to figure out this process with my sons who are currently in

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know: "What are the Best Graduation Gifts?"|
High School

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: “What is the Best Graduation Gift Guide List?”

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Best Graduation Gift Guide Here is the best graduation gift guide that I put together with some help from recent grads! Are you wondering what to give to the graduate in your life? There are so many ideas out there. I asked my two older sons who graduated from high school within the past few years which of their graduation gifts they appreciated the most and/or have used the most. I also asked my nieces who have all graduated in the recent past as well. Pin for later! Pin for later! I also asked

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Stressed out teens|
Life Prep

15 Ways Parents Can Help A Stressed Out Teen

Today is such a strange reality. We are all home. Working at home. Staying at home. Our teens are home from school and college. There are so many things that keep happening, it makes your head spin! Here are some ideas that will  help out a stressed out teen in overwhelming times. Our whole world completely turned upside down! What is next? For about four days in a row, I kept thinking that it could not get any worse, and I kept being wrong… If our adult heads are spinning, just imagine what is going on in our teen’s brains

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7 Ways to Help Your Student Prepare for Finals|
Just for Moms

7 Helpful Ways to Help Your Student Prepare for Finals

Ways to Help your Student Prepare for Finals Right now our students are super stressed with finals.  Whether they are in high school or college, doesn’t matter, they are maxed out.  Now if your middle schooler is anything like mine, he’s just stressed out about having to get up and actually go to school (insert rolling eyes).  Looking for ways to help your student prepare for finals? Pin for later! So, what can we do as parents to help our kids as they are preparing for finals?  Let’s help them to have the best semester ever!  Here are a few ideas…  *This

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