What is the Global Aussie Liebster Award?!

We’ve been nominated for our blogging!

February is the month of love.  Boy are we feeling it!  Back in December, we were nominated for the Global Aussie Liebster Award!  This is a peer recognition initiative to discover and encourage new blogs.  We were so excited and thrilled by this!  At that time, we were in the middle of crazy holiday happenings, and decided to wait awhile to mention this in its own post.  

We were nominated by a previously unknown-to-us, fellow blogger Diane Kubes.  I grabbed a quote from her “About Me” page which sums up what she does in the world of marketing.  Kubes helps business leaders and owners market their skills & services.  “The goal of Diane Kubes’ Leadership Circle is to create inspired leaders of excellence who employ core character values that lead to empowered and engaged work teams – with employees that feel valued, and businesses that thrive with the support of authentic copywriting and interactive marketing strategies.

She has created an amazing gratitude journal, “Focused Intentions of Gratitude – A Journal of Positive Thoughts, Gratitude and Focused Intentions to Manifest Success.”  Grab it here!  Thank you, Diane.

What is the Liebster Award?  

Liebster is a German word that means “means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.”  The Liebster Award was started in 2011.  Bloggers nominate other bloggers for this award.  It is to recognize, connect and support new blogs.  This award has specific rules for each honoree. Check them out here.

The Global Aussie Liebster Award|www.parentinghighschoolers.com
The Liebster Award

Why Do We Blog?

Ann and I are in this blogging business together.  We feel extra honored to be selected by someone outside of our area of expertise!  Our blog was started as a way to connect with other parents of teens.  We remember when our kids became teenagers, and all of our previously known parenting rules needed to change.  

As our blog continues, we hope to answer questions, provide advice and tools for parents.  It is fun to form relationships, and as our community grows we hope to connect with more new readers.

Over the years we’ve asked lots of questions, adapted our game plans, and moved forward with our kids one day at a time.  Our goal with this blog is to help other parents going through this crazy time of parenthood with teens; hopefully with common sense, humor, and good advice.  *This post may contain affiliate links.  This means , at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.

Our fellow nominees are:










I  have visited each of these blogs, and they are all so different and amazing!  Click on a few and maybe you will find a new blog to follow.  

Diane Kubes shared 10 random facts about herself, so we will share 10 as well.  5 from Ann and 5 from Mel.


1  I’ve lived in 4 time zones- California, Missouri, Florida and Japan.

2  I cry when I laugh almost every time.

3  My all time favorite sandwich is peanut butter and butter on white bread with wavy lays potato chips inside!!

4  Nothing random about loving wine.

5  My nickname is Boo.


1  I am an Irish twin.  My sister was born 11 months after me.

2  My favorite food is Mexican.  I love a trip to Dallas and all the choices there!

3  I love to travel, but I am a homebody at heart.

4  Sleeping is my favorite.  I could go to bed at 8, get up at 8, take a nap and go to bed at 8 again!

5  My 2 favorite movies have Jimmy Stewart in them.  Shenandoah and It’s A Wonderful Life.


Diane gave us 11 questions to respond to.  So, here are the questions and our answers…

  1.  Who is/was the most influential person in your life, and why?

Mel:  My children.  I want to be a better person for them.

Ann:  My parents. They exemplify how to live a good life.

  1.  What do you deem the most important character trait of a boss?

M:  Consistency.  Employees need to know what to expect.

A:   Having an open door policy.

  1.  Identify a challenge that you faced and overcame.

M:  Basically teaching myself to bill insurance at my husband’s office, not in my area of expertise!

A:   Moving from Missouri to Florida with no job (or home!). Whew.

4.    What is your number one pet peeve – and why?

M:  The sound of crunching paper or plastic–eeeeew!

A:   Fingernails on a chalkboard.

  1.  What tip do you have to lead a balanced life with work, family, health, fitness, etc. challenges?

M:  Moderation.  A little of each, and don’t stress if you can’t get to it all in 1 day!

A:   Make a plan and write it down! I’m trying this with a planner and saying “I am going to do x.   Write it down and you’re more likely to get things accomplished.

  1.  What advice do you have for other new bloggers?

M:  Find a partner, it’s much more fun!  Don’t give up!

A:   Patience and ask for help. Work on foundation first and then add more.

  1.  Name a resource (blog, app, course, etc.) you used and found helpful as a new blogger?

M:  Start a mom blog  (affiliate link)

A:  Women winning online

  1.  Name a creative way to show recognition and appreciation to an employee or team?

M:  Leave a note somewhere telling them something positive.

A:  At my current job, we recognize our coworkers with a Mermaid doll who we call Sea Sea. She gets passed around when a coworker recognizes good work or something special that employee has done. An email is sent out to the team announcing who the honoree is for the month.

  1.  As a child, what career did you aspire to learn about/become/practice when you grew up?

M:  I always wanted to be a teacher.  

A:   Same here.

10.   If you were to pursue a second career in your mid-life, what would it be?

M:  Blogging, which I am now doing:)

A:  I hope to make this side gig successful for traveling during retirement!

  1. What is your New Year’s Resolution in 2018, or a specific goal you have set for yourself?

M:  For Ann and I to continue to grow our blog, so we can help other parents.

A:   I don’t like the word resolution. I like intention. I don’t know if I have a specific goal but to just keep learning and acquiring new skills. There is so much to blogging!


Our nominations for this award

Each one has exemplified the “Liebster” characteristics in some way for us over the past year.







Some questions for our nominees…


  1. Who do you plan to help with your blog?
  2. What blog motivated you the most to get started?
  3. What brings you joy?
  4. Who inspires you?
  5. Where would you like to travel to?  Why?
  6. What’s the best advice you’ve received?
  7. What is your favorite book or series of books that you have read in the last year?
  8. What do you wish you knew more about?
  9. What are 3 words that someone would use to describe you?
  10. What is your secret talent?

Thank you!

Thank you to Diane Kubes.  Thank you to our readers.  Thank you to the maker of the Global Aussie Liebster Award.  Good luck to our fellow nominees, and to the blogs we have nominated.

Happy Valentine’s and keep sharing the love!


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