Gift Guide for a Teen’s Easter Basket

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Easter is right around the corner! Get ahead of the game with these great ideas for a teen’s Easter basket…

Just because our teens don’t believe in the Easter Bunny anymore, doesn’t mean we can’t spoil them with a few little gifts!  *This post may contain affiliate links.  This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.  

(During these days of COVID-19, we need to remember that our teens need to have fun and have something to look forward to. These gifts are all fun and/or useful. Let’s make Easter a fun holiday to look forward to during these uncertain days.

One thing that is happening locally is that families are posting pics of pretty colored eggs in their window for kids to look for on neighborhood walks. Another idea would be for your older kids to put on a puppet show or video for younger kids. Be creative, and let your teens think of fun things to do!)

Fill your teen's Easter basket with love!

Most of the posts that I tried to find to link to this article had really silly ideas for teens at Easter, so here are some that I came up with after talking to my boys and their cousins who are all older teens. 

Involve your teens in the planning of this holiday.  They love to help with the younger kids.  Decorate and hide the eggs.  Stuff plastic eggs for younger siblings. 

Help your teen find a volunteer opportunity for your teen at church or with your city.  Visit an assisted living facility and give little treats to the elderly. 

Watch Passion of the Christ as a family and discuss the meaning of this important holiday. (Caution, this is for older teens.) And, for fun, watch Hop for some lighthearted fun! Movies are great additions to a teen’s Easter basket.

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Gifts for a teen's Easter basket|

Teen Easter Basket Ideas for Guys:

Candy–Get creative, there are lots of silly candies that guys would like!

Boxers –Fun new underwear for the spring season

Cards/Dice –A great game for study breaks going into finals!

Razor/Shaving gel –If you buy it, they won’t have to!

New earphones –My son just spent some of his earnings on a new pair, and he loves these!

Video game –My whole group of guys LOVE this game!

Money/Giftcards — These are for food, always an easy and much appreciated gift!

Teen Easter Basket Ideas for Gals:

Candy— Organic jelly beans for your sweet girl!

Nail polish –In fun spring colors!

Earbud Splitter –Great to listen with a friend, and it’s in a bunny shape for Easter!

Lipgloss –I know your daughter will appreciate this gift at all times!

Book –Have you heard of the enneagram self discovery system?  It’s pretty cool!  My nieces love this book!

Flip flops –These are sooooo comfy!

Money/Giftcards –These are for shopping, again, always a sure win!

No matter if your teen is still home or far away, these gift choices should help you out while you plan their Easter. Good luck planning your teen’s Easter basket whether they are far away or just down the hall.

Pack up a quick care package or arrange a basket for home.  Good luck and happy Easter!

A teen's Easter basket can be fun too!

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Gifts for a teen's Easter basket|

12 thoughts on “Gift Guide for a Teen’s Easter Basket”

    • HA! I know:) Feel free to share this list with your spouse or significant other as well!
      I asked my nieces and sons, and tried to choose some reasonable priced items. Glad you like the list.

    • Thank you! Yes, we have a college senior which he has even said is not so bad as if he were losing his senior year in high school.

  1. Great ideas. I used to use the really big plastic eggs (like the size pantyhose used to come in) and stick anything and everything inside them that would fit. Two-piece swim suits – top and bottom in different eggs. Make-up! Gift cards. My daughter is 30. I kind of miss making fun baskets for her.

    • My mother-in-law did that too! She would wad up money, and it would explode out when the kids would open it. She had some even bigger ones, I wonder where she got them? I had forgotten about them. Happy Easter!


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