What Will Your College Freshman Really Need in the Dorm?

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Best 10 Items Needed for a Dorm Room

Hey, it’s approaching soon…  That bittersweet day when your baby-not-baby heads off to college.  How can this be?  Just yesterday he was crawling around in his diaper!  Just yesterday she was playing with her baby doll and twirling around the house in her little tutu!  You blinked, and now they are practically grown!  Seriously, we have to think about moving them out of our houses and into a dorm room.  It’s not so bad if you are organized to begin with.  We are here to help!

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Our teens are no longer babies crawling on the floor

Now that your teen is on his or her way out the door, here are the top 10 items that they will need for their dorm room.

First, remember that space is limited, so making careful choices is important.

Second, if you have a girl, then she will probably want to decorate and make her room super cute.  If you have a boy, then for the most part, he could probably care less.  My 2 boys are of the care less sort.

The following items are not decorative, but super useful for any college student.

They are in no particular order of importance, but all will be necessary!

Please check out our comprehensive lists on Amazon.  We created lists for Dorm Room Essentials and College School Supplies,  These are pages we created on Amazon’s website where you can actually go shop right from the list!  Check them out!!  Grab everything all at once and have it all delivered right to your door!  You are welcome:)  *This post may contain affiliate links.  This means, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.


  1.    Multi-plug outlet/charger–this has outlets, USB ports, and a timer.  This is a MUST!
  2. Extension cord(s)–this one comes in 4 different sizes and can come in a 2 pack.
  3. White board–keep track of schedule, lists, write note to roommate etc.  Here are some great accessories!  Pens, graphic chart tape in various colors,  and white board crayons for fun.
  4. Rug–This is for comfort, as well as style.  It can be a basic monotone rug or multi-colored or patterned one.  Stepping onto a rug is so much nicer than a plain, tiled floor!  Don’t forget a rug gripper pad to keep it in place, and a small vacuum to keep it clean:)
  5. Command hooks–many different sizes for hanging everything!  Small, medium and large are all available.  These can be used for a million reasons around the dorm room.
  6. Shower caddy–So handy for the dorm shower, even if you have a suite setup, it keeps all your “stuff” together!  Don’t forget to pick up a pair of shower shoes while you’re at it!
  7. Prop-up bed wedge–great for sitting up to do homework or watch a great movie!  Get comfy:)
  8. Amazon Prime for Students–This is the best!  Videos, books for college and your kindle app, and lots more.  Click on the picture below to check out the details.
  9. Laptop computer–Every school is different, so you need to have your student check to see which computer is recommended.  My oldest son got this for graduation, and he loves it.  My middle son got this for his 18th birthday, and he loves it.
  10. Laundry basket –Don’t forget to grab detergent, stain stick, and dryer sheets while you’re at it.  Also, check out this tiny air purifier that just plugs into an outlet and is the size of your fist.  It does not require a filter, and would be great in a dorm room for freshness.  It will eliminate odors, bacteria, and allergens.

There you go.  All of the most useful items already in a list for you!  Remember to check out our more comprehensive lists for Dorm Room Essentials and College School Supplies.

Fall semester is quickly approaching.  Enjoy your last month of summer!  Get some hugs in if your kid will let you, and make family time happen!  We are thinking of you because we have been there.  I, Mel, am going through it for a second time this fall, so I know how quickly this all goes.  Sending our love to you all in this really bittersweet time!

Another place with good gift ideas for teens, some of which would be good for dorm rooms, is this post.

Check out our Pinterest board- Dorm Room Ideas with all sorts of ideas or College Hacks for even more ideas!  Good luck and have fun!


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