10+ Great Games to Play with Your Teens

10+ Great Games to Play with Your Teens

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Life is more fun if you play games (with your teens)!“–Roald Dahl

This is so true, and I am going to help you out this season to find some really great games to play with your teens!

Many people think that they only have time to play games on vacation or at the holidays. Unfortunately, we fall into that group a lot of the time. But, when we do take the time to actually play a game, it is always so fun!

Have fun with your teens with Game Night!


Have fun with your teens with Game Night!

Let’s face it, time with our teens is so precious. We know that the times that they are with us is limited. They leave for college, and are home for vacations less and less. Also, even when they are still living under our roof, they get busier and busier with school and work. Plus, there are real benefits for everyone if you do this!

So, my resolution for time going forward, is that we are going to try to play a game on those weekends when my boys are randomly home from college, or when we are just bored and turn on the t.v. for another binge watching session. I know we will be glad once we have done this!

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A game board with multi-colored game pieces|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game!“–Michael Jordan

Great games to play with your teens!

Here is the list of games to play with your teens that my family and I have put together for you. Some we have played, some have been recommended to us, and some look too great to not mention! *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

In case you also like puzzles, check out these!

Kids Against Maturity Oh my goodness! We just came across this game at a friend’s house -hilarious! You have to know that a lot of the humor is geared towards teens, so farts are a part of this game. It is a game that is perfect to relieve any type of family tension!

Password  (This is the original version)  I have many great memories of family and friends playing this hilarious game! You can play it so many different ways, and each way is fun! Here is the travel version.

Pick Your Poison -a modern day version of “Would you rather?” Super fun for all ages, and the answers just might surprise.

Spending time as a family is not a matter of convenience, it is a matter of priority.“–unknown, but true!! 

Weekly dose of parenting encouragement Trivial Pursuit -This is an oldie, but a goodie. Always fun to see what your people know-or not! There are so many versions, but the original is always a good choice. Here is the Harry Potter version and the Back to the 80s Stranger Things version.   Quelf:  Obey the Card  This game is sooooo much fun! You have to obey the card, and the commands can be super silly. The last time we played this, we laughed so hard. It is a more active game, and great for all ages–I’d say 12 and up.

Some games are fun even when you lose. Even when you know you are going to lose before you start. It’s fun just playing them.“–Nevil Shute

Sequence  This is such a fun card game! It combines a board with a card game. It involves strategy, and can be played individually or with teams. Wits and Wagers  Questions, guesses and bets. Great multi-generational game with all sorts of crazy questions and answers. I have only played this once at a friend’s house, but we had a great time!  

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.“–unknown

Spontuneous   Do your kids quote movies or song lyrics like crazy? Then this is the game for them! Words are given, and then the race is one to blurt out a song with that word in it. You don’t have to sing, so no talent is required! I think that my teens will love this one. Goat Lords  This sounds like a crazy fun game. The goal is to become the Goat Lord. The way to do this is to have the biggest herd of goats (cards) at the end of the game. There is much magic and dueling involved!

Families that play together, stay together.“–unknown

 Taboo  This game will make you laugh so much. Get your teammate to guess the word, but the trick is to not use certain words which makes this challenging. This is fun to play with big family groups or friends. Here is the Midnight version, for older teens and adults. Apples to Apples  Our boys love this game. We’ve played for hours with their cousins and my sisters. Some very funny red apple cards have been thrown down to describe the green apple card. Their is also a junior version and a Disney version!

I hope you enjoy these games to play with your teens!

Holidays are a great time for good family fun. Let me know if you have any favorites that I didn’t list. I can always add more later! Remember that playing a game with your family is always a good idea! Check out these related posts: Gift Guide for Teen Girls, Gift Guide for Teen Guys, Budget Friendly Ideas for the Holidays and Movies to Watch with Your Teens for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. More game choices below!

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Budgeting for the Holidays-Get Started Now!

Budgeting for the Holidays-Get Started Now!

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Budgeting for the Holidays-Fun Strategies

Are you ready to do more with less this holiday season? There are many ways to handle budgeting for the holidays. I tell myself every year I’m going to save up or shop early and it never fails, life intervenes and my budget is shot. Sound familiar?

Here we are just a few months out. There is still time to plan! I’ve have been searching the internet and asking friends for ideas on ways that they spend their holidays, and surprisingly, most of their favorite gifts don’t cost anything, or at least not much. There are so many ways to celebrate the season, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here are my best ideas for budgeting for the holidays! Be sure to check out this post about ways to save money while spending!

*This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

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Budgeting for the holidays|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

Here Are Some Low Budget Suggestions

The 4 Gift Rule

I’m sure many of you have heard of the 4 Gift Rule. It goes like this. You tell your family that they will each receive 4 gifts this year: something they NEED, something they WANT, something to WEAR, and something to READ.

If you don’t want to do just 4 gifts. You can do variations and/or additions to this rule which can be:  a gift to MAKE, a gift to EAT, and ONE more thing. Of course, any variation of this is great! The 4 Gift Rule can really help your budget and also help your child focus on what’s important and what they really want.

Budgeting for the holidays doesn't mean a lot of presents, but really thoughtful gifts.

Create your own tradition -it’s not too late even if they are teens

My family has our own gift giving tradition. Since there were three Wise Men that visited baby Jesus, that meant that there were three gifts. Our boys each received three gifts for Christmas while they were growing up from both us and Santa.

Now, obviously, the gifts are just from us, no more Santa. This is/was great because it really limits the amount of shopping that we have to do. We also love to do lots of inexpensive and fun items for each stocking (see my post about best stocking stuffers for your teens) which I look for all year long.  

Give to Charities

Another option for giving gifts, would be to look outside of the home to the many charities out there that do great things all over the world. Charities can be local, national, or international. Some great organizations to look into would be:  Heifer International, Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child box, Operation Gratitude for soldiers overseas, Angel Tree which gives gifts to children whose parents are in prison, or your local food bank. Another great idea is to do a service project with your family for a favorite charity.

“No Money” Gifts

There are many “no money” gift ideas. These include things that your kids can make or ways to spend time with them which is already a great gift! I’ve listed some ideas below but I am sure that you could come up with some on your own, once I get you started… And, here is a link to some $5 ideas to start for Christmas😀Budgeting for the holidays -cookies are easy and fun to make! 1. Bake holiday cookies,  (this is a link to some yummy recipes!) –preferably ones that you can decorate because that is so much more fun! Take some to an elderly neighbor or a teacher.

2. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house, neighborhood or city. Invite friends and have a friendly competition. Then meet for dinner at a favorite local restaurant and give out prizes for the most original treasures that were found.

3. Make hot chocolate, this Godiva chocolate mix is heaven!, and head out to see the local Christmas lights. Check out my post on self-care for the holiday season.


4. Pop in a holiday movie -check out my post with 49 holiday movie ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!) and string popcorn and cranberries for your tree.

5. Have a family game night with your favorite carols playing in the background.

6. Start a holiday journal. Keep track of things your family is grateful for, traditions that you celebrate each year and new ones that you would like to start.

7. Send a handwritten letter to someone far away by snail mail. Tell them your favorite memory that you have with them or something that makes them special to you.

Budgeting for the holidays can be fun!

Does this put you in the mood for Christmas? It is a little early, but sometimes with a little planning and thought, the actual season might be a little more relaxing and enjoyable. I hope that some of these ideas help you in the coming months.

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Let me know if your family has any holiday traditions that I should try!

140+ Resources for Parents of Teens

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Budgeting for the holidays|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

What Are Good Gifts For a Teenage Girl? 15 Great Ideas!

What Are Good Gifts For a Teenage Girl? 15 Great Ideas!

Great ideas: good gifts for a teenage girl!

Attention parents and grandparents of teenage girls, are you wondering what are good gifts for a teenage girl? Not sure what to get your teenage girl? This list is vetted by a number of teenage girls that I have reached out to for the best answers. Check out the ideas below!

See also my gift guide for boys and ideas for stocking stuffers! Just choose one or all! Any teenage girl would love one of these gifts. 

Happy shopping! No matter if it is the holiday season or a birthday coming up soon, I hope that these ideas will help you to answer the question, What are good gifts for a teenage girl?” *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

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What Are Good Gifts For a Teenage Girl?

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Ideas to instill gratefulness and giving

These are copied from my gift guide for guys blog post here.

One thing that we have really tried to instill in our boys is a sense of gratefulness. This is not always easy in this day and age. Some ideas that have worked for us are listed below. Try these with your teenage girls!

  1. Each time the boys make money, whether it’s allowance, money they’ve earned at a job, or gift money for their birthday, we ask that they save some for gifts that they might have to purchase in the future. This shows them that what they save matters. And, when they are shopping for gifts for friends or family, it means so much more to them that they are contributing to it themselves.
  2. When our boys receive gifts, they are required to write thank you notes. This is not something that they enjoy, but they still have to do it. Sometimes, I am better than others at reminding them to do this, but I feel like it is so important to show gratitude to others for taking the time to purchase something that they like or enjoy. Most gifts cost money as well, so that needs to be appreciated as well.
  3. My boys have to think ahead and purchase gifts for one another. They really put a lot of thought into the process, and it’s been fun over the years to see what they come up with. Usually 2 go in together for the third brother, and so they work together, which is also really fun to see. Sometimes they purchase gifts, and occasionally, they will make gifts.
  4. They are also supposed to get my husband and I each something or something for us together-we try to give them a few ideas ahead of time!Now check out my ideas for the girls!


What are good gift ideas for girls?

Lululemon Black Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise–  Love these!

Rustic Jewelry Organizer–  This will hold all the jewelry that your girl has, and it conveniently hangs on the wall.

GoPro Hero 9 –This is not much more than just the GoPRo 7 alone!-  Dream gift for the adventurous girl.

Ruffled Ankle Booties–  Cute for jeans or dressing up.

Wireless, Waterproof, Speaker–  This has built-in mic, plays for 12 hours, and 2 built-in speakers. Great for the pool or anywhere she wants to go.

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Diffuser Set–  Comes with 8 starter oils:  peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, orange, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense. Has auto shut-off and a 7 color LED light. So many uses for oils!

Fun Hippie Boho Pants–  100% cotton, super comfy for all the lounging going on these days.

The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal:  A Five-Year Record (goes with the book The Happiness Project)-  This would be a great gift for the beginning of high school or college!

Kate spade New York Activity Tracker–  Cute way to keep track of all activity.

Air Chalks Set: 10 Colorful Hair Chalk Pens–  Temporary color for fun accents on occasion.

12 pcs. Makeup Brush Set -Cup holder and 12 professional cosmetic brushes

Here are some mini gift ideas for a stocking or to tie on with ribbon when wrapping the gift…


Phone case

Phone charger -There are so many cute animal chargers to choose from!

Thank you cards -These are always good to have on hand!

Here is a gift just for fun! I just came across it, and it is the cutest little waffle iron! So much fun for a sleepover or just for a fun breakfast. Remember, you can cook lots of things in a waffle iron, so think outside the box with this one:)

I hope that this helped you out if you are asking, “What are good gifts for teenage girls?”

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And, 11 Ways to Bond With Your Teen Over the Holiday Break.

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What Are Good Gifts For a Teenage Girl?

Advent Calendars That Teens Will Love!

Advent Calendars That Teens Will Love!

“Advent calendars that teens will love” has been so much fun to write.

I was wanting to write a new holiday post, and I realized how many fun advent calendars there are available! I decided that this would be a fun post, and my boys and a couple of their girlfriends helped me to find advent calendars that teens will love.😀🎄 ( I am currently updating this post. Order soon because there are only a few of some of these left, and I had to delete a lot off of the list! I am looking for new ones to add, but it takes time!)

My boys still love the velcro advent calendar that we have and when they are all around they still do rock, paper, scissors to put on the next figure. 

Officially, Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas (or sometimes from the 1st December to Christmas Day!). Advent means “coming” in Latin, This is the coming of Jesus into the world. Christians use the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas. *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

I like to think of it as anticipation for a special event! There are now advent calendars for having a baby, for Hannukah, and even for your dog! And, I could not help but add this Covid Advent calendar of fun activities -this is not your traditional Advent calendar- but a great idea!

Advent calendars that teens will love!

AND, my friend Monica over at How2WinScholarships.com has put together an advent scholarship activity! This is a fun way to get your teens motivated to apply for some of those pesky scholarships that are so helpful when paying for college!

There are so many different kinds, take a peek at the 25+ advent calendars below! Each calendar has its own theme for so many different interests… and, don’t forget to order soon since most of them are 24 day calendars starting December 1.

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Advent calendars that teens will love!

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This is the advent calendar that my kids grew up with, so I had to include it on this list. Even though it’s for younger kids, my boys still put it up, and add a character each day, and I love it!

Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar 

Here we go with advent calendars that teens will love!

For the DIYer, here are 24 cute holiday boxes with sticker for you to put together your own version!

DIY holiday boxes Advent calendar

Have a little tree for your apartment, dorm room or bedroom? This Advent calendar has 24 tiny ornaments that you could use.

Christmas ornament calendar

Do you know someone who loves crystals?

Crystal Advent calendar

Marvel movie lovers?

Marvel advent calendar -almost 30 surprises over 25 days as you count down to Christmas.

Any jewelry lovers out there?

Bracelet advent calendar -2 bracelets and 22 charms

Have a chemist in the house?

The Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar – 24 Cool Science Experiments

My middle schoolers love slime! Here is a calendar that they would love!

Slime Advent Calendar

Does your teen love Harry Potter? This is a great advent calendar…

Funko Advent Calendar: Harry Potter – 24 Vinyl Figures

Have a horse lover? 

Breyer Horses 2020 Holiday Collection

Here’s another Funko advent calendar…

Funko Advent Calendar: Dragon Ball Z Pocket Pop! – 24 Vinyl Figures

Do you have a lover of all things unicorn?

Advent Calendar 2020- 24 Unique Christmas Unicorn Gifts

Want a do-it-yourself version?

24 Days of Reusable Countdown Gift for DIY Fillable Burlap Bags for Holidays

Here’s another brain teaser advent calendar…

24 Brain Teaser Puzzles Wire and Plastic Puzzle Advent Calendar

Weekly dose of parenting encouragement


Have a new driver? Or someone who loves squishies and/or keychains?

Advent Calendar with 24 Scented Squishies Keychains

Know someone who loves magnets?

Countdown to Christmas Fridge Magnets- Holiday Surprises

Know someone who loves baths?

Spa life “Fizzle All The Way” Bath Bomb Advent Calendar -12 days, not 24

Know anyone who loves Fortnite?

Funko Advent Calendar: Fortnite

I have seen it all! This one is for crossword lovers!

Mindmade The Advent Calendar for Crossword Lovers

I hope that this gives you great ideas to find an advent calendar that teens will love!

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Advent calendars that teens will love!

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Advent calendars that teens will love!



Smart Parents In September :  10 Timely Tips

Smart Parents In September : 10 Timely Tips

Smart Parents in September

Here are some things I’m learning and loving in the month of September. I talk about a few things that I am learning and loving in my life right now. This includes recipes, books, movies and gadgets, etc. Here are some ideas for smart parents in September.

Let me know what you think! *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

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Smart parents in September


Angel Shots– have you heard of these? A bar owner has figured out a way to help women who need it while they are there in the bar. If a date has gone bad or a woman feels threatened or whatever… There’s a sign up in the women’s bathroom telling what to order for each particular situation. I hope that this catches on everywhere!

I just read about this amazing plant! It produces “one of the world’s great natural insecticides, that as well as being totally harmless to plants, humans, and animals, supports the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of rural Kenyans who supply much of the world’s pyrethrum, the principle chemical in the flower.” Read more here!

Have you read the post about the Best Books to Teach Your Kids About Social Justice? These are books range from picture books all the way to books for adults.

Do you have a pet that pees in your house? Ugggh! But, I just learned about this awesome product that my girlfriend swears by!! I ordered a bottle, and it is awesome! With our puppy, this has been a lifesaver! Grab it here!



5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

This book has made the biggest difference in my life over this summer. I read it back in June, and I have used the countdown ever since! It is really the simplest concept, and I’m so glad that I read it. Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed, or clean a certain mess, or even go to the grocery store-I don’t mind the shopping, but hate the putting away after. Anyone else have this problem?

Read this book, you will get so much done! There is a journal that goes along with it, that I really want to order!

A post about books for parenting teens are is here.


Lenox Hill

We all love this show! This is another docu-series, which we have enjoyed over this past summer. The show follows four doctors throughout their days in their jobs. The two men are neurosurgeons, and the two women are and ER doc and a fourth year resident specializing in OB-GYN.

All four of these doctors are such good people. As the show progresses, you get to know each of the doctors and their staff, and even a few of their patients that are repeat visitors. There is very little gore, you never see babies being born, just the babies. You do see a little bit of some brains, but they are all so passionate about what they are seeing, that it is interesting. If you do get a little squeamish, just know that each of these few scenes only last about a minute at the most. Here is a link to the series trailer


Darkest Hour

This movie is so interesting. Winston Churchill was such a force of nature. He affected so much of our history. This movie brings it all to life, and you really get to know him as a man. If you live in central Missouri, don’t miss out on the amazing museum in Fulton! It’s on the campus of Westminster College. Churchill once spoke there-he gave his famous Iron Curtain speech, and the museum is fabulous! There’s even part of the Berlin Wall on display as well.


Learner Driver Magnet for car (3 Pack)

These are great for when you have a learning driver in your house. The 3-pack is great, one for each of your cars and maybe grandma’s car, too!


Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple. – JK Rowling / Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Which season is your favorite? I love fall!)


Read a Book Day (6), Labor Day (first Monday in September), Sewing Machine Day (10), 911 Remembrance Day (11), Constitution Day (17), National Pepperoni Pizza Day (20), National Hunting and Fishing Day (third Saturday in September)

Hope these wins will help you all, so share this with any smart parents in September that you know! If you have something that is working for you, please let me know so that I can share–it takes a village.

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Smart parents in September

49 Awesome Holiday Movies For Teens: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

49 Awesome Holiday Movies For Teens: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

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Our favorite holiday movies for teens

Our family loves to watch movies together! We will watch and discuss, and watch another! Finding holiday movies for teens can be challenging since the age range is pretty big. So, we put together this list to help you find a few.

Some of these are old favorites, some are fairly new to the scene, and a couple were recommendations from friends that we cannot wait to try… *This post may contain affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase. My full disclosure policy is here.

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49 Holiday Movies for Teens|www.parentinghighschoolers.com

My husband makes the BEST popcorn, and oftentimes our favorite night of the week is Saturday. Our rule while the kids were growing up was “Soda Saturdays”. So, a movie, popcorn and soda was a real treat for us all!

Put out some big pillows, get some blankets, and bring out some favorite snacks to enjoy some of these great movies:)  You could check out this tabletop Movie Buff card game for fun as well!

Let me know which holiday movies your teens like the best… Holiday movies for teens or your favorite furry friends! For the holidays, we really watch a lot since there are so many days off from school! Here are some of our favorite holiday movie for teens for the upcoming holidays in no particular order…

These are definitely for teens! Most are not rated G, so please check the ratings.

Grab the holiday movie checklists here to keep track of the ones that you have seen and note which ones are favorites for next year! Halloween movie checklist, Thanksgiving  movie checklist, and Christmas movie checklist.

Holiday Movies for Teens



(A related post for Halloween ideas is here)

          •  Corpse Bride  Tim Burton at his finest. The ghoulish wedding of a young man with a “corpse” bride from the underworld, meanwhile his living bride awaits..
        •  Addam’s Family Values  The perfect time of the year to watch this! I think that this is better than the original. Uncle Nestor gets married and the kids are sent to camp. Great cast and lots of really funny scenes.
        •  Poltergeist  I remember being freaked out with this one way back in the day. A family moves into their new home, and many things begin to happen that are out of the ordinary.
        •  Dark Shadows-the movie  This show is both dark and hilarious. A stellar cast who acts out this “soap opera” of a movie.
        •  Monster House  I watched this for the first time last year with my boys. They had seen it before many times. It’s actually pretty creepy! A house that is “alive” and NOT happy!
        •  Beetle Juice  Another Tim Burton film  Michael Keaton is hilarious in this strange and funny movie about a house trying to be haunted by dead couple.
        •  Ghostbusters-(2016)  I didn’t think this would be as good as the first. I was wrong, it was even better!!
        •  Edward Scissorhands  This is just a quirky trip of a movie. Once again, Tim Burton creates a story with a creepy twist. Another amazing cast!
        •  Hocus Pocus  Silly, over-the-top, but so fun to watch. Three sister witches have been brought back to earth for some witchy business. Totally cheesy, but great fun at Halloween time.
        •  Young Frankenstein  A funny spoof of the original movie. Funny cast and great one-liners!




        •  Free Birds This is a great story of 2 turkeys who go back in time to change history:)
        •  Dan in Real Life  We love this movie. I recommended it to a friend and told her that it was funny. She didn’t like it. So, I am going to say that it is a slice of life. Definitely funny overall, but some serious and sad parts as well. All 3 of my boys request this movie many times during the year, not just Thanksgiving.   
        •  Home for the Holidays  Holly Hunter kills it in this coming home for the holidays. Her parents are hilarious, and her siblings families are as well. Holly plays a grown woman who goes home again to find out that she’s still a child to here parents-aren’t we all?!
        •  Grumpy Old Men  Two old geezers who have an ongoing feud really go at it when a pretty lady moves into the neighborhood. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are hilarious. Not to be missed.
        •  The Blind Side  Please tell me you have seen this! This is a great true story starring Sandra Bullock. Football and Thanksgiving, what could be better?
        •  Dutch-not available for rent or purchase, but try to find it! A different sort of family movie.
        •  Pieces of April  My friend recommended this, and I can’t wait to see it. The story of  April who is hosting her family for Thanksgiving, but discovers that her oven doesn’t work. She solves this problem in her own quirky, sweet way. The cast looks amazing.   
        •  The New World  The story of the beginning of America. Another Pocahontas story brought to life.
        •  Pocahontas  Great movie loosely based on her relationship with Captain John Smith. Fun to rewatch with the big kids occasionally.
        • What’s Cooking?  Four families in a neighborhood each have their own issues, stories and secrets to tell over their Thanksgiving tables. Stories interwoven and connected in ways they don’t even know. Great cast and good nostalgic look at this holiday from the early 2000’s and compare what they considered issues to today’s. Fun to watch:)
        • Avalon Great story about immigrating and succeeding in America. This follows the lives of 3 brothers and their families. A great historical perspective, and heartwarming story of a family and their love for one another.
        • Scent of a Woman  This is one we hadn’t seen in a long time! A college kid is looking to make money to get home for Christmas. He becomes the caretaker of a retired, and blind, Colonel from the Army. They have quite the adventure together. If you haven’t seen this in awhile, you should.My all time favorite movie for teens or really any age!




          1.  The Nativity Story  We love this one! Every Christmas Eve after church, this is our family tradition with homemade soup and everyone’s favorite appetizers. It is a great interpretation of the birth of Jesus.
        •  It’s a Wonderful Life   A must-see for sure at Christmas, especially in black and white. My personal favorite for holiday movies.
        •  The Holiday  Great rom-com about a couple of women who switch houses for Christmas.
        •   Elf  Oh my gosh! This is absolutely the best! I love Will Farrell, and this is my favorite movie of his.
        •  Krampus  This is one that my youngest, who is now 14, found when he was 12. It is creepy, funny, and actually a great movie for a new twist for the holidays.



        •  The Muppet Christmas Carol  Another great rendition of an old story, but with Muppets-how could you go wrong? I love all the characterizations, they are spot on!
        •  The Family Stone  Great cast, great family, funny love twists, sadness, funniness, and at the bottom of it all is great family love.   
        •  The Polar Express  My boys all time favorite from when they were younger. I still cry at times, and Tom Hanks proves he is magical in this movie.   
        •  Joyeux Noel  We came across this movie one year, and bought it because we loved it so much. It is the story of a Christmas truce during WW2. It is an amazing story of friendships under the worst of circumstances, and what can be accomplished with honorable men during them.   
        •  Scrooged  Bill Murray at his finest. Great laughs. A great remake of a great classic.
        •  The Family Man  Modern twist on the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. Fun flick!
        •  Fred Claus  The story of Santa’s big brother, who is not a saint-hilarious!
        •  While You Were Sleeping  A lonely young woman becomes involved with a stranger’s family over Christmas with hilarious and life-changing results. Cute rom-com!
        •  Arthur Christmas  This is not the Arthur of children’s books, although this is geared towards a younger audience. This is an Arthur in a long line of Clauses. He sets out on an expedition to save Christmas. We love this movie, and even though animated for kids, there is plenty of great humor and the story is timeless.
        • Serendipity  A day together and a semi-promise is made for 10 years later. Relationships and love and Christmas all mixed up together.
        • The Man Who Invented Christmas  My sons looked over this list, and reminded me about this one. It is brand new from last year, and we all loved it, even my then 13 year old son. It is the story about Charles Dickens writing the story of A Christmas Carol. Very entertaining and fun to watch! Add it to your holiday watch list!!   



Hope you guys are able to enjoy these great holiday movies for teens soon!

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