Pack a Quick-Go Bag for Sudden Emergencies

Emergency road trip

Is your teen ready to come home at a minute’s notice? Guess what? We are living in the day of weird circumstances, and we need to be prepared. Our teens need to be prepared. Is your teen going back to college? What if campus suddenly closes down again? What if there is a family emergency that your teen needs to leave for on a minute’s notice? Here are some ideas for an emergency road trip kit for your teen. Colleges are preparing for the return of students, for whatever that may look like. Is your teen preparing to head back …

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Middle School: Advice for Success

Middle School Success: Best Advice|

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Start Early for Middle School Success! Middle school is a time of transition and growing.  Your child leaves elementary school, and has three years to be ready for high school!  How is this possible?  Here are some hard-won lessons learned from getting three kids through these years for middle school success. Both you and your teen have lots to learn.  It is a challenging time, in fact, this might be the most challenging age since they were toddlers!  These years can be difficult, but you can help your child start some forward thinking with some …

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Backpack Essentials for College: What You Must Have

Backpack Essentials: What You Must Have|

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Backpack essentials for high school or college Packing an organized backpack for high school or college is essential to academic survival. It is much smarter to plan ahead for classes, emergencies, and daily occurrences than to just throw a bunch of stuff in your pack and go. Grab this list of backpack essentials before your teens head off for college! Pin for later! One thing that all the students I asked had in common, was that they didn’t think about any of this before they were in high school or college, depending on the age …

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