27 Best Books To Read As A Young Adult For Success

27 Best Books To Read As A Young Adult For Success

Best books to read as a young adult

I am passionate about reading. Books take you places. Teach you things. Create memories. This booklist is by no means complete. However, as I thought about the best books to read as a young adult, I thought about the things I wish that I had known more about -the subjects that my husband and I tried to at least introduce to our boys.

I split the list into four categories and an additional list. This is one time that I don’t recommend for your teen to read all of them. Check out each list, read the synopsis of each, and then choose one from each. You know your teen better than anyone, so base the choice around that knowledge. These also lend themselves to being read aloud, and then have multiple conversations. *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

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Best Books To Read As A Young Adult

Self-help books

-the use of one’s own efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others-the use of one’s own efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others

How to Win Friend and Influence People -Carnegie

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living -Carnegie

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -Covey

Do Hard Things -Harris and Harris

Make Your Bed -McRaven

The Happiness Project -Rubin

Standing On My Head -Prather

Books about finances

-the management of money and includes activities such as investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving, and forecasting

The Millionaire Fastlane -Demarco

Total Money Makeover -Ramsey

How to Adult: Personal Finance for the Real World -Cousineau

Generation Earn -Palmer

The Millionaire Fastlane -Demarco

Books about mindset

-the set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself:  influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation

The Power of Now -Tolle

The Last Lecture -Pausch

Am I Overthinking This? -Rial

The Myths of Happiness -Lyubomirsky

A Whack on the Side of the Head -von Oech

Books about relationships

-the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other

The 5 Love Languages -Chapman

Boundaries -Cloud and Townsend

The Truth About Dating, Love, and Just Being Friends -Eastham

General books about adulting

-the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks

Adulting Made Easy -Morin

Welcome to Adulting -Pokluda and McConaghy

Adulthood for Beginners -Boyle This is a more humorous approach

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps -Brown

Being an Adult: The Ultimate Guide to Moving Out, Getting a Job and Getting Your Act Together -Tobin and Poole

Launch: A Guide to Adulting -Montanez and Merck

How to Adult, A Practical Guide: Advice on Living, Loving, Working, and Spending Like a Grown-Up -Goldstein

Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening -Blades

The best books to read as a young adult

This has been a fun topic to research. I hope that these books help in your parenting journey!? Please check out the posts below, especially the one about your teen turning 18- there are so many things to know legally.

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Best Books To Read As A Young Adult

Why is Schitt’s Creek Over? Great Gifts For Teens

Why is Schitt’s Creek Over? Great Gifts For Teens

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Is Schitt’s Creek Over?! Say it isn’t so!

It was such a lifesaver during the pandemic! So, when my son asked, “Is Schitt’s Creek over?” as we came to the end of the final season, we decided to just start it again! We don’t watch it with quite the same dedication, but when one of us sees that an episode is on t.v., we will call everyone in to watch it for a fun family break.

All of a sudden, back in March, 2020, the world as we knew it stopped. We were all home. No school. No games. No travel. No social life. No nothing! If you lived with teens, like me, then you had even more to deal with.

With nothing on our schedules, we were all floundering for a while. At first, we embraced it. Lots of puzzles, games both board and online, grilling out… But, then boredom set in. Everyone was on each other’s nerves. Territory in the house had to be staked out for learning and work. School seemed never ending, and there was no structure anywhere for anything.

Then we stumbled upon the show, Schitt’s Creek.

Of course, we had all seen episodes and memes over the years, but our youngest was finally old enough to watch this. We realized over the last year, that many movies that we had watched with his older brothers, he could now watch. We generated a list of old favorites, and started checking them off one at a time.

But, Schitt’s Creek was the tie that bound us all together. If anyone was feeling down or frustrated or if we didn’t know WHAT to do at any particular moment, then we watched a Schitt’s Creek episode!

Here was a show that had a family going through a crisis together. They were stuck in two rooms of a po-dunk hotel, nothing to do, and having to figure out life’s curveballs as they came. This was such a close parallel to our lives that this show really struck a chord with us!

Schitt’s Creek helped my family!

I want to share with you how Schitt’s Creek helped my family bond, and I hope that if this isn’t the show for your family, that you find one that works because it can be such a fun experience! {Some shows to try are: The Mandalorian (Disney+), Merlin (Netflix), A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix), Heartland (Netflix), Glee (Netflix), and Lost (Hulu) to name a few -we have watched all of or part of all of these, and can highly recommend them all!}

In this post, I break down the characters, great Schitt’s Creek quotes, and lessons learned throughout the series.

Be sure to check out the great gift ideas at the bottom of the post!

*This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

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Schitt's Creek helped my family

Here is the Schitt’s Creek trailer in case you have missed this show!

I want to say that the show is definitely for older teens, maybe 15+. With that being said, there are many reasons why this show is so great which are covered below! Schitt’s Creek helped our family through the pandemic, and it will continue to be a favorite in the years to come!

What is there to love about Schitt’s Creek characters?

Johnny Rose -debonair dad who has lost it all, but doesn’t give up on life, work, family or anything worth trying for which makes him very lovable.

Moira Rose -the queen of wonderfully original comebacks in her unique accent and wigs (I recently found out that these were 2 things that she asked for when she joined the show!) She puts off a prickly exterior, but has a tender-hearted core.

David Rose -What to say? David is the perfect person in this show, in my opinion. He is quirky, loving, self-effacing, and perfectly imperfect. His smirky, half-grin kills me every time! How did they keep straight faces doing this show??

Alexis Rose -”Ew”, she starts the show as an empty-headed, poor little rich girl. As the show evolves, she becomes so much more!

Stevie -She is the lonely, sarcastic hotel manager/co-owner with Johnny, and eventual best friend to David. She is soooo funny!

Twyla -Twyla seems like a minor character, but if you think about it, she is the player who witnesses most of the big conversations and decisions made by the Roses over the years. She is the perfect innocent foil to all of their shenanigans as the sweet, hometown waitress.

Jocelyn and Roland Schitt -the wife and mayor of Schitt’s Creek -no way to describe them except adorably and awful “white trash”

Mutt, Ted, and Patrick -These are the wonderful love interests of Alexis and David who are each great people in their own right.

Schitt's Creek helped my family

Is Schitt’s Creek over-say it isn’t so?

We started with season 1, episode 1, and have nearly worked our way through all of the seasons. We will be so sad for it to end. In fact, we have all said more than once that we will just start it all over again!

There are many memories of 2020, but some, if not most, of my good memories stem from Schitt’s Creek. Watching the show, sending memes and GIFs, and quoting lines from many different episodes.

Here are some categories for these great quotes from the show even if these weren’t originally about the following subjects. The great thing about Schitt’s Creek quotes is that so many of these are applicable in so many circumstances! This is another way that Schitt’s Creek helped my family to deal with different situations -now we have a quote for almost every circumstance.

Schitt's Creek helped my family

Schitt’s Creek quotes…

Having a bad day? Moira says, Oh, I’d kill for a good coma right now,” or “I just want a bathtub and a long extension cord, please.” Or, Pick up a hammer and nail this coffin shut!

Needing to socially distance yourself? “I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now,” this from David. And this, Very uninterested in that opinion.”  Alexis sums up our unsocial year by saying, “I miss being surrounded by loose acquaintances who think I’m funny and smart and charming.

Life throwing you for a curve….2020  “You must prepare for life, and whatever it will throw at you,” from Moira again. Or, from David, It’s just one long string of really bad luck and I don’t know what kind of carnage I inflicted in my past life to deserve it. I must have been Dracula or a spin instructor or something.”  

Friendship! According to Johnny, “I don’t think we could have gotten through without you all.” Moira says, Gossip is the devil’s telephone. Best to just hang up.” “When one of us shines, we all shine,” again from Moira.

Schitt's Creek helped our family bond

Dealing with someone that you don’t care for, I’m incapable of faking sincerity,” is Stevie’s advice. Or, “Fall off a bridge, please,” from David.

Are you super busy?I’m positively bedeviled with meetings et cetera,” great quote by Moira, and another by her, “I would be pleased to RSVP as pending.

Dating advice from Alexis, “So this is weird. Today marks the longest relationship I’ve ever voluntarily had with someone. Yeah, the actual longest relationship was a three-month affair with a Saudi prince, but for the last two months of that I was trapped in his palace trying to get to an embassy.” 

Or, “Well, you know, when it comes to matters of the heart, we can’t tell our kids who to love.” And, this one, “I went on a blind date to Bali with Leo, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.” David says, I’m starting to feel like I’m trapped in an Avril Lavigne lyric here.

I love this one by Patrick because it’s so true! “David, you have to stop watching Notting Hill. It’s not helpful for our relationship.

Good parenting from Moira, If airplane safety videos have taught me anything, David, it’s that a mother puts her own mask on first.” Also, David, stop acting like a disgruntled penguin.” Johnny asks, Are You In Danger? Blink If You’re In Danger.

On the job advice, “If there is anyone at this fabulous little confab who knows how to work a room of fragile egos, it’s me. I once hosted the non-televised portion of the People Choice Awards.” Alexis interviews with this wonderful line, “I don’t want to brag, but Us Weekly once described me as ‘up for anything.

Working in the kitchen? David tells us, “Let’s not ruin a meal by talking about the process.” Moira says, “Oh good, now I see bubbles. David! What does burning smell like?” Or, A heavy salad might as well be a casserole.

There is so much to love about Schitt’s Creek besides the quotes!

As of the writing of this post, Schitt’s Creek awards are 176 nominations for the show and 64 wins! This is an amazing number considering the fact that they were only around for 6 seasons.

Schitt's Creek helped my family

There are so many life lessons in Schitt’s Creek!

Acceptance, growing up, making mistakes and learning from them, true friendship, the importance of family… to name just a few! What we have loved about this program as parents is that this show has been the springboard for so many really deep conversations regarding these lessons and so many more.

As the show progresses, and you get to know the characters, they all learn lessons about resilience, adapting to new situations, not giving up, choosing the positive, and again, I could go on and on! Mostly this show is about love, and in this day and age, we could all use a lot more of that! If you know a lover of this show, here are some great gifts that someone might like! 

Schitt’s Creek helped my family, and I hope that this show or some other one can help your family bonds grow stronger!

Schitt's Creek helped my family

Schitt’s Creek Merch!

Shirts: and, more shirts!


Baby Gear:





Coloring Books:









Schitt’s Creek Monopoly game:

Car air freshener with Moira.?

The entire 6-season collection of the show

The ultimate coffee table book for the series! I just ordered for our family –

Schitt’s Creek helped my family, and I encourage you to give this show a chance!

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Schitt's Creek helped my family


Easy Ways to Establish Good Study Habits

Easy Ways to Establish Good Study Habits

I have been asked many times as a teacher how can parents help their students create good study habits. I am here to say that it isn’t that difficult!

Here are some easy tips that can be used to build up from to strengthen your child’s grades over time. *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

Let’s get started!

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A good study routine is important.


Tips for good study habits

This is not as difficult as you may think.

What is a good daily routine for my teen?

The best routine that we can encourage our teens/kids to set up is a nighttime routine…

This is because it really sets the tone for the next day. Before school starts again, think through the things that worked last year and what didn’t. What could be improved? Were mornings nuts?

That is where a nighttime routine is the bomb! 

Figure out what can be done at night to make for a better morning. Fix lunch, make calls about necessary rides to and from school the next day, lay out clothes…

Have a hard set time for lights out -yes, even for teens! This means nothing after a certain time. How they get to that time is up to them, but about 30 minutes before lights out, they should turn off phones and tvs, etc.  Even better would be to turn in their phones and remotes to a central location. They can then read, play an instrument, just wind down.

This will help their mornings so much!

Have this discussion a couple of weeks before school begins during a quiet moment, not during any sort of argument etc. Just mention that the family is going to start this new routine when school begins, and leave it at that. Tell them to think about how their evenings could be more organized, and then follow up a few days later for the actual conversation.

For mornings, make sure that they know when the bus will arrive, or their ride. How long will it take to get ready? What is the school policy on tardiness? Know all of these things for a better morning routine. 

Will your teen want something to eat? Many times, they will skip breakfast, so maybe have something easy to grab: banana and p.b. crackers, a protein shake (could prep for this the night before…)  They just need some fuel.

Let them decide what they want.

Here is my Youtube video with even more tips about this process…

How can I help my child to establish a good daily routine?

Much of what I said before. Go through a list of all the things that need to be accomplished both at night and in the morning and reverse engineer the timing. 

When will they shower? How much time will that take? My boys always opted for nighttime showers to save time in the morning. When will they do homework? Will they have time to game? Do they have practice -this could be before and/or after school!

Make a plan, and just know that it can be adjusted at the end of a playing season, or at semester, or just in a couple of weeks, tweaks can be made to make sure that time is being used efficiently.

One great way to get them on board is to make goals about where they want to be after high school. Let them know that attendance, good grades and teacher recommendations are all really important whether they go to college or not!

Steps to this process!

Start this conversation 2-3 weeks before school begins. Make a list of all the things that need to occur between getting home from school one day to leaving the next morning. Estimate the time for all activities. Decide what can be taken care of at night to make the mornings run more smoothly.

Be sure that you work in the goals that your teen has. In order for them to buy into this, they need to take ownership of this process, and goals will make this happen. Choose a day before school begins to make a trial run. Be flexible, and make changes when they are necessary.

Be a team. Support each other, and keep track of what is working and what might need a change.

What if school has already started?

If school is underway, and you are realizing that things aren’t going well. You can still help the situation!

First, keep a chart.  Are there certain days that your teen is struggling? If it’s just Mondays, then maybe it’s just the adjustment to the school week after a weekend. If it is an ongoing problem, then keep track of hours that your teen is getting up and going to bed. Even better, have them keep track.

Then have a conversation about what might help. Make your teen a participant in doing a sleep experiment with the amount they are getting. This will help them to buy into the discussion and hopefully help them to see that getting more sleep DOES make a difference. Most teens love the opportunity to prove us wrong. However, in this instance, we are most likely correct, not them.

Make a plan moving foward about changes that could be make, even if it’s just Monday through Thursday nights.

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Good study habits start with and evening routine