Best Books For Summer! 8+ That Your Teen Will Love!

by Melanie Studer
books for summer that your teen will love

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My best books for summer, “What are you reading these days?”

So, I put together a quick blog post on what I consider to be some great books for summer that your teen will love. With no further ado–the Yaya’s list of the best books for summer!! FYI–I now blog with the name Parenting High Schoolers, but I will always be a yaya!

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(Also, check out my post with book recommendations for parenting teens. And, here is another post with great books to read with or without your teens.)  Enjoy my list of books for summer:)

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Great books for summer that your teen will love!

8 Books For Summer (Or Anytime!)

Your teens will love these, too!

I LOVED this book. It’s about 3 young women during World War II. Herta is a German doctor at a concentration camp who is convinced that Hitler’s agenda is absolutely for the best-an unusual point of view to read, but so interesting!

Kasia is a Polish gal who is transported to the camp where Herta works. Caroline is a French woman living in the US with her mother, and works to help orphans back home in France with care packages. The story follows each of them through the length of the war and after. Eventually, all paths cross. This book is based on real women.

Another favorite. This story is set at the turn of the 19th century. An older gentleman gathers newspapers in cities where they are printed and travels to remote areas. He then reads to citizens for a small price.

Due to a particular event, he is saddled with taking care of a young girl. Their relationship evolves over time. It is also based on true events.

Did you know that the United States Congress has recommended the reading of this book? It is the scenario of a post- EMP event in the US. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse-find out what this means when you read the book. I had no idea!

The setting is in the mountains of North Carolina. The story is great–scary, informational, and so interesting! It is a trilogy. One Year After and The Final Day follow. I’ve read the first two in the series, and I am excited to read the third!

After I read One Second After, I ran across this book by Ted Koppel which is non-fiction. (It’s based on his research and interviews about this very event actually happening). It’s really hard to put down–definitely food for thought!

This is a story that our book club for 7th grade boys and their moms have read for May. The topic is a school shooting. It is told from 17 points of view, including an inanimate object… A very timely subject and fodder for great discussion.

It is written by multiple authors, and is really a great read! Warning:  serious subject matter, but I feel like my son and I have had really good conversations from the reading so far. We are almost finished.

I loved this non-fiction book that Rubin wrote. She picked one topic a month to focus on to improve her life. She looks at science and philosophy and writes an easy-to-read book with steps to follow. There is a journal to use as you follow along writing one sentence at a time. There is mom journal also if you preferred, also writing one sentence at a time.

Sanna lives with her dad on their family orchard in Door County, Wisconsin. A new tenant and his 10 year old son move into the trailer on the property as tenants and summertime help for the trees.

A bad accident, mysterious incidents of destruction of property, and hints of romance make for a great summer read!

I could not put this one down! It’s based on true events, and is at once sad and happy. Five orphans in the late 30’s in Tennessee and a young attorney in modern day South Carolina. How are they related?

This story goes back and forth in time, and at both ends the characters are so compelling! Enjoy this book soon. (By the way, I have gone on to read a couple more of her books, and I have really enjoyed them!)

I read this last summer and laughed out loud more than once! Riley is a small town “spinster” who loves to read obituaries and imagine the former lives of the dead. Her childhood best friend passes away, and all of a sudden she is asked to write an obituary.

All sorts of crazy events begin to occur, and Riley begins to wonder if her friend’s death is even a suicide after all. This is a great read for your lounger by the pool!

Jill is from my hometown, and has now written the sequel in Riley’s adventure, The Bad Break which I cannot wait to read this summer-I did and loved!! She has actually now written the third book in her series about Riley. It’s called The Ugly Truth, available now! The fourth book in the series is now available as well! The Full Scoop.

Hope this helps with finding the best books for summer that your teen will love!

Happy reading and let me know if you have any favorites that you would add to my list of books for summer!

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Great books for summer that your teen will love!



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  1. I love Lisa Wingate’s books and want to read this one, waiting for a friend to finish it….and give it to me…great list. I have huge bag of books waiting for me. A friend just cleaned off her book shelves…

    • I just realized that I had some comments that were hidden somehow in my site! Thanks for your comment! I love her books too!


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