Best Valentines Decor For A Dorm Room: 9 Fun Ideas!

by Melanie Studer
Valentines decor for a dorm room

Valentines decor for a dorm room

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday! Here are ideas for great Valentines decor for a dorm room or teen bedroom. A great way to get involved at college is for your teen to participate in a decorating contest!  

Creating a homey spot for themselves is so important for our teens’ mental health and a fun way to get into the holiday spirit, no matter what the holiday is! My boys never chose to do this, but I know that lots of students might choose to embrace these ideas! *This post may contain affiliate links. My full disclosure policy is here.

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Valentines decor for a dorm room

Start with storage for your holiday decorations

Be sure to grab a flat storage container to put the decor in under a bunk or regular bed. If you only purchase small and flat things, the need for storage is minimal. This set of containers has one for fall decor, and one for spring. If your teen drives to school, they can bring one home over holiday break and exchange it out. (This set was also one of the cheapest options, these are more expensive than I thought!)

Valentine’s Day Decor For Your Dorm (and some spring ideas as well)

•Start with a light-up spring tree. This will take your teen up to Easter, and will easily fit on a small table or shelf to be out of the way. If your teen already has a plant in their room, these heart plant stakes are cute. (Guessing that only a girl will be doing this!) They just stick into the soil, so they will take up no new space!

•A cute Valentine doormat just inside the door will set a fun tone as well.

•Does your teen have a light up box? This is great for any holiday!

•A string of heart lights will set the tone. Here are some plain pastel lights for a more general theme of spring. And, here are some cute heart banners that could be hung anywhere.

•Wall decals are fun and take up NO space! Here are some cute hearts and, here are some springy ones for a more general theme. Another no space easy decoration is window clings!

•A fun seasonal item is a heart mug! Here’s one that could be customized.

•Grab a set of pillar candles. Then, add some holiday decals to add for a holiday twist. This is super cheap and easy!

•Here is the cutest set of Valentine’s pillow covers. These take up little room, and your teen can switch them up each holiday.???❤️??

•If your teen gets a grapevine wreath, then with a little holiday ribbon and/or specific decorations for each season. This set of four colors could get them through the year!

Other ideas for Valentine’s Day fun!

If your teen is looking to just decorate their door, here are some great ideas.

Here is a great V-day care package idea.

Here is a list of Valentine’s Day movies about love!

I hope this post gives you a lot of easy, and mostly inexpensive ideas for Valentine’s decor for a dorm room or apartment!

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Valentines decor for a dorm room

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