Best Small Space Workout Equipment For Dorms: 10 Easy Ideas

by Melanie Studer


Best Small Space Workout Equipment

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College is a busy time of life. So much time spent studying, participating and socializing. Our students need to remember to fit some sort of exercise into their lives to stay healthy. The problem with dorm rooms and many college apartments is the lack of space. Here are ideas for the best small space workout equipment your student could use.

First, it goes without saying that exercise is so important! It can have a “positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD”, plus it can help a person to “feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.” More great info from this great article.

We know that our kids will be stressed from academics, social situations, and various other activities in their college and/or work lives. One of the first things I always ask my sons is, “Have you exercised lately?” This could mean so many things! Going to the gym. Taking a walk. Going for a swim… 

For me, exercise helps me to clear my mind, and this is a FREE way to exercise! Here are 10 benefits to walking that you might not know about – I totally agree with the creative thinking benefit.

I did some research, and found out that there are many options for exercise equipment for a small space that fit my criteria -low cost, and very little space. A lot of these options are also great for those of us as parents beginning to think about down-sizing!

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Best small space exercise equipment

Best small space workout equipment

Stretching and strength

Smaller weights -These are great because different components can be added or removed to adjust the weight -the lowest weight is 2.3 lbs. and the highest weight is 4.5 lbs. per dumbbell.

Yoga mat -This mat is great for ease of storage, and it comes in a variety of colors to match any dorm room. Blocks and a strap would be great additions!

Kettlebell -This one is great because it is also adjustable, and takes up hardly any room!

Pilates ball -I thought this one would be good because it comes with a handy exercise chart! This is only a 9″ ball, so it would fit under most beds.

Pilates bar kit -There are so many to choose from. I liked the options and price for the picture below.

Balance ball -My son who has his personal training certification, swears by this thing. There are so many exercises that will work on this. It weighs only 12 pounds, and when inflated, stands only 10″ high, so again, this will fit under a bed or desk.

Resistance bands set -This is different than the Pilates band set. I like the one below because It includes a carrying case, jump rope and lots of other options.


Under-desk elliptical -I liked that this mentioned low noise. In a dorm room or small apartment situation, that could really be a factor. This can also be used to exercise arms.

Foldable exercise bike -This is a little bit more expensive than the other tools that I have mentioned. However, it can be folded up, and stored in a corner, and is great for cardio. With Zooms, and other online options for class, a student could get a workout in, AND attend class.

Mini-tramp -This was my favorite go-to in college, and still today! I love my mini-tramp: it’s fun, it can be hidden under a bed or behind a door, and it is a great workout!

Ways to exercise in a small space

Exercise cards -There are also exercise dice -who knew? There is also a way to use a regular deck of cards to create a great workout!

Internet videos and apps -These are great for on-the-go schedules! And, here is a BMI calculator to use as well. The image below is one of the newer apps. Most are free to start, which is a great way to check out whether you like it or not. Then you can decide if it is worth it to spend money each month.

Other helpful devices

Fitbit -This is another bigger expense. But, the price range is pretty large, and I found some off-brands for as little as $40. This will help track all areas of fitness, which is helpful when there are so many other things to keep track of in life!

Jug for hydration -The best are the kind with lines for keeping track of the amount to drink, and with some sort of handle for easy transport. The one below has great messages as the day progresses.

Vapor Fresh -to deodorize equipment, shoes, laundry. It comes in powder, spray and wipes. The picture below is a 3-pack for all uses.

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best workout equipment for small spaces

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  1. This is such a helpful post today and related to what we are buying too!

  2. This is awesome! So good for us downsizing seniors!

  3. These are all great suggestions! I loved walking campus with my dorm friends when I was in college. Unfortunately, I also liked to eat with my dorm friends!

    • Same! There are so many trails that are on campuses now! And, they have improved all of the eating options as well🤣

    • Thanks!

  4. We live in a small cottage and these are great tips for our home as well as a dorm room! Thanks!

    • Glad that you think so!

  5. This is a great list and timely for me as I move indoors to get some exercise! Thank you.

    • We are downsizing, so I had myself in the back of my mind as well. Glad it helps!


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